Valentine’s day in Utrecht: the most romantic restaurants!

Ooh yes, the most romantic day of the year is approaching: Valentine’s day! You either love it or hate it. Some people think this day is a way too commercialized circus. And, admitted, it kind of is. However, it is also a great excuse to put your special someone in the spotlight for once, and show them how much you care for him or her. Possibly the most popular way to commemorate this holiday is to go out on a date, whether with your lover or with your best mates to celebrate your friendship.

But are you already getting a racing heart and sweaty palms from the nerves, since you have no clue where to take your SO this year in Utrecht? JoCo to the rescue! The below restaurants are our all-time favorite romantic restaurants. Make sure to make a reservation in advance, since most restaurants are very popular and will soon be fully booked for Valentine’s day night.

WT-Urban Kitchen

WT-Urban Kitchen is situated at a ravishing and unique location, that is to say in a renovated water tower. This unique piece of industrial heritage has been transformed into a fancy spot for dining and drinks. If you’re looking for a place with a spectacular view, WT is definitely your restaurant of choice. This restaurant offers the possibility to dine on the 10th floor, where you’ll be surprised with a 360 degree panoramic view over the city. Speaking from own experience, the food is to die for! Being a bit more eccentric than your usual diner, your taste buds will be in for a shocker with this explosion of delicious flavors. The restaurant however is not really student-budget friendly, but hey, you can go all out for your lover this one day a year, right?

Le Clochard

This restaurant is perfect for a cozy and dreamy night out. Cuddle up near the fireplace (fireplace? Yes, really!) and enjoy some good food and even better beers. Le Clochard is your typical date-night restaurant, with a great and relaxed atmosphere. You’ll find any kinds of people in here enjoying some drinks, or having a nice meal. This place is all about hospitality and simplicity, offering a menu that is affordable but absolutely delicious. The restaurant was founded 43 years ago, and has since then been one of Utrecht’s coziest restaurants. Located near the Lepelenburg park, le Clochard is a perfect location if you want to end your night with a romantic stroll alongside the Singel.


Utrecht is famous for its canals and connecting wharf cellars, so why not use this unique spot for your Valentine’s dinner? Humphreys restaurant is situated in one of the many wharf cellars alongside the Oude Gracht. The decoration of this restaurant is mesmerizing, full of bright red colors and gold art nouveau-like accessories. The coziness level is enhanced by the low ceilings and enchanting atmosphere. When dining at Humphreys, you’ll imagine yourself being in a Parisian Moulin Rouge setting. With a three course dinner for the price of just 25 euro’s, this place is a go-to for those of you that don’t have big budget.

Hopefully these tips will help you decide where to take your crush on the most romantic day of the year. Finish your night with some cocktails at Zussen, or have one last drink at your own place, and see what the rest of the night brings you..

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