The perfect date in Utrecht

Even though the semester is coming to an end and lots of internationals are slowly but surely leaving, your love life might have taken an unexpected positive turn. That one person you’ve been crushing on hard for months finally agreed to a date!

But the happy relief is soon over when you have to face the reality of organising the perfect date and thousands of questions enter your mind: Do I just meet them and grab coffee somewhere? Should I be in charge of organising everything? Is going to a fancy dinner too much on a first date? What’s the most scenic place to kiss in Utrecht?

Now you can let all your worries slip away since the ESN Utrecht Blog provides you with a full-on date description that’s guaranteed to work! Of course there are plenty of fun places to date in Utrecht but the following itinerary would sweep most of us off our feet. 😉

16:30 – Meet up for coffee, mint tea or hot chocolate.

To be honest, this is quite standard for a date and Utrecht is filled with all types of cafés: some are spacious and loud, some are quirky and unique, so really it’s up to you (and your date’s potential preferences) where you’ll go. If you want to make a grand entrance, go to Winkel van Sinkel – this way you’ll already have the history of Utrecht and the beautiful architecture to talk about!

18:00 – Make your way towards the Centre and walk along the Canals.

Utrecht is full picturesque spots and your date cannot go wrong if you’re off to such a strong start. Strolling along the Oudegracht is magical (especially with the light decorations still on!) but doesn’t put too much pressure on you to try to force the conversation as you’re walking side by side, admiring the city.

18:30 – Go for dinner.

It might be tempting to spend hours walking around in Utrecht discovering all its secrets with that special person, but these days it’s still cold and rainy so the weather may not be in your favour. This is the right moment to go to a restaurant and grab dinner while you warm up. Again, there are so many option to choose from in Utrecht that we find it hard to advise you on this since the choice depends on your taste and budget. If we were to recommend a restaurant, we’d vote for La Grotta or Grand Café Lebowski – both are at easily accessible locations in the centre and are still affordable to students. Don’t forget to make a reservation!

20:30 – Grab drinks at a bar or café.

If everything is going perfectly and you want to continue spending the evening together, you should walk through the centre to Neude and sit in one of the many bars located there. Our personal favourite is Le Journal with its lovely atmosphere and wide selection of drinks. It’s loud enough that the people at the table next to you can’t hear what you’re talking about, but you can still maintain conversation without having to shout over the music.

22:30 – Time to get romantic.

As the evening is coming to an end, it’s time to make your way home. If you both have a good feeling about how the evening went, you should take a walk towards one of the most beautiful spots in Utrecht: the Dom Tower. There is nothing more romantic than sharing a first kiss at this beautifully illuminated magnificent piece of architecture. This is the only moment in the Netherlands when the rain can actually make things dreamier!


So there you go, a blueprint for your perfectly magical first date. Do you have any favourite spots in Utrecht where you’d take that special someone? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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