The Gala that turned into Winter Wonderland

The ESN Gala… What a night! All the students underwent a major transformation. It was hard to recognize everybody in their fancy outfits. But God, how amazing everyone looked. And how cute was the snow (but only when you could stay inside). We hope everyone enjoyed the night as much as we did.

The JoCo had a blast

“For me the gala was a lot of fun! I loved seeing everybody dressed up and fancy looking; it’s nice to see that everyone really made an effort! And of course, who doesn’t like seeing guys in suits? 😉 Let’s not forget the ESN band, which was totally awesome!”

“What made this night so special for me was the beauty of the falling snow giving the entire venue an enchanting atmosphere. I also loved it when the DJ started playing Spanish songs what made everyone dance and have fun.”

“The best part of the gala for me was meeting people. ESN is a huge organisation with plenty of students and it’s impossible to know everyone. During the night I spent quality time with my fellow committee members but also met a bunch of other awesome peeps, some of whom are just as crazy as I am when it comes to dancing! My other personal favourite was the cheesestick snack… That’s exactly what a girl like me needs on a night out, you Dutchies know the way to my heart!”

The Journalism Committee (JoCo)

The amazing band

“During the New Year Gala of ESN Utrecht I sang for the first time with some awesome talented musicians, who are all from ESN. It was actually my first real time on stage so I was a bit nervous before. Once on stage it totally disappeared, it must have been the energy in the room, which took it all away! We played as we never did before and everything went really well, even after just two rehearsals! After the performance I realised I would like to do more with my voice, and sing more often in a band, Also my other band members were really enthusiastic about our performance, so hopefully it will be continued. I hope everyone who was at our performance enjoyed it as much as we did! :D”

The ESN band

The Gala organization

“Of course organizing such a big event never goes without struggles, but I think we can all be really proud. The location turned out perfect, everyone looked stunning, the band and DJ made everyone dance their feet off, and while going through all the pictures, I think everyone had a great time. A beautiful ending of the semester and I can’t wait for the next one!”

The Gala Committee

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