10 times Dutch bikes

Living in the Netherlands you’ve probably spotted all different kinds of weird scenes of people on bikes. People texting, carrying a crate of beer or a whole household on a bike are no exception. But have you also noticed the variety of bikes we’ve got moving around? Sit tight and immerse yourself into the amazing world of Dutch bikes.

  1.     Granny bike

One of the most comprehensive city bikes is the granny bike. This classic model is not only an all-time favourite amongst students, but also for bike thieves. Make sure to lock down your beloved granny bike safely, before you know it she’s in the hands of a shady thief.


  1.     Tandem

A tandem is a whole other thing, big chance you haven’t seen one in the city centre yet. But that’s not surprising, since the best place to spot a tandem is somewhere close to a holiday park. There you’ll probably spot two pensioners with matching windcheaters battling the Dutch weather on their fierce tandem.


  1.     Electric bike

The hale and hearty pensioner will use the electric bike to commute between places. These silent but superfast electric bikes will surprise you every time by passing you on high-speed making no noise. Watch out for these motorcyclists at an advanced age, because despite their age they still know how to overtake you!


  1.     Folding bike

The folding bike is the accessory of every Dutch nifty commuting businessman. They leave the train before anyone else,  their folding bike held tightly under their arm, quickly making their way out of the train station. As soon as they find the cycle path they make a sprint to their next business appointment, their briefcase loosely thrown over the shoulder.


  1.     Racing bike

Did you know racing bikes aren’t only an accessory in hipster cafés, but also a real utensil? Especially in summer you shouldn’t be surprised if you come across a group of sporty Dutchies on a racing bike. Much to the frustration of other road users they often monopolize the whole road.


  1.     Recumbent bike

The recumbent bike is not a very popular option, and therefore a rare seen phenomenon. Another reason why you haven’t spotted the recumbent bike yet, could be for the fact that it’s so low to the ground.


  1.     Super advanced ten-speed bike

The average granny bike-owner will be jealous when they are being passed by a fit thirty-something on a super advanced ten-speed bike. Jealous as we are we simply don’t have enough money (yet) to buy ourselves such a fancy bike. Or simply reason that it will be stolen within a week. Still, there’s hope. One day … when we’ve got the money that bike will be ours!


  1.     Student wreck bike

It’s difficult to still call this bike a bike. It’s more of a shadow of what once was a healthy and vivid bike with a happy owner. But somehow the bike was left to rot locked to a lamppost and evolved into a wreck. Probably missing one of the wheels, or maybe even a saddle these bikes are ready for the bike-graveyard.


  1.     Delivery bicycle

This bike used to belong to the local baker or butcher, on his delivery bike he could bring around his bread and products. Nowadays the delivery bike is back in style and popular amongst young parents. Packed with children and a cheerful dog the bikes take up plenty of space on the road.


  1.  Your own!

And then the one you’ll recognize from thousands of bikes in a crammed cycle shed (although this might disappoint sometimes): your own bike! The Dutchies and their bikes are inseparable, so an ode to one of your most reliable friends in the Netherlands is in place.

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