How to prepare for a gala

“Shall I wear a long dress or a short one?”, “Is this the right colour on me?”, “How am I supposed to get a tuxedo somewhere?”. When a gala or prom is approaching, these are the kind of questions that run through everybody’s mind. Preparing for a gala, like the ESN gala which is coming up January 12th, can be a hussle. Hopefully you have all bought your tickets for this night to remember, because then you can now profit from the JoCo’s best tips on how to prepare for a gala! So chill out, no more stress, and use our tips to have the most stress-free gala preparation ever. See you at the gala!


Sammy – For me, preparations start the day before already. I have a nice long shower, polish my nails and try on my dress to make sure everything goes according to plan the day of the gala. The worst possible start of a gala is to arrive stressed out and grumpy, and believe me, I’ve been there…

Maaike – Gala’s are so much fun! Dancing, drinking, people looking their absolute most fabulous and just having the time of their lives. However, the preparations can be stressful, especially for girls. I would recommend going for a simple long black dress, you can never go wrong here. Just spice your outfit up with some nice accessories, and you’re good to go.

Evelijn – Oh gosh, to be prepared is absolutely an art which I do not control yet. So I’ll be more than happy to have my dress, shoes and accessories ready on the due day. Still, I’ve got one thing up my sleeve which will make your gala at least somewhat less painful, girls. 🙂 Make sure to put a pair of comfy shoes in your bag, so you’ll be sure to walk home pain free.  Or just dance away the last hours on your flats. At that time everyone probably will be in a state of euphoria and no longer pay attention to whatever is going on underneath your long skirts.

Kiki – A gala for me is all about dressing up (but of course I also like the party haha). I love glitters, so this is my moment to shine. I want to advise everyone to use the gala to do something with your appearance that you normally think is maybe too much. At a gala everything is allowed. Heavy eye makeup and red lips? You go girl. Make yourself the party woehoeee.

Willeke – I love the way everyone will arrive fancy dressed at the gala.  Every time it’s so much fun to check out all the dresses the girls wear, the cutest high heels, earrings, bracelets.. your eyes will never get bored of it! I especially love the moment when everyone starts to dance, girls struggling with their high heels and what do I do? I just dance like crazy on my comfortable sneakers.

Betti – I’m not the girliest of girls so preparing for the gala doesn’t take that long for me – no hour-long make-up sessions, no hairdresser appointment.. One thing I do make sure is that I won’t get cold, so even though I wear a dress, I try to accessorize with a bolero, a stole or a light scarf of some sort. An especially handy tip in the Dutch winter. Oh, and pretty but comfortable heels to dance the night away!

Vera – In order to prepare for a gala I gather my friends, put on loud music and all dress up together and fix each others hair. Having a moment together with my friends before the party starts is so nice, and it allows you to catch up quietly, so that at the party all you need to do is show everyone your dancing moves!

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