Valentine’s day in Utrecht: the most romantic restaurants!

Ooh yes, the most romantic day of the year is approaching: Valentine’s day! You either love it or hate it. Some people think this day is a way too commercialized circus. And, admitted, it kind of is. However, it is also a great excuse to put your special someone in the spotlight for once, and... Continue Reading →

Dutch elections 2017

Now Trump officially has been inaugurated as President of the United States, time has come to focus on the elections in the Netherlands. On the 15th of March the Dutch will choose their new Prime Minister for the coming four years. As an international, busy with uni and parties, it might be easy to forget... Continue Reading →

The perfect date in Utrecht

Even though the semester is coming to an end and lots of internationals are slowly but surely leaving, your love life might have taken an unexpected positive turn. That one person you’ve been crushing on hard for months finally agreed to a date! But the happy relief is soon over when you have to face... Continue Reading →

10 times Dutch bikes

Living in the Netherlands you’ve probably spotted all different kinds of weird scenes of people on bikes. People texting, carrying a crate of beer or a whole household on a bike are no exception. But have you also noticed the variety of bikes we’ve got moving around? Sit tight and immerse yourself into the amazing... Continue Reading →

How to prepare for a gala

“Shall I wear a long dress or a short one?”, “Is this the right colour on me?”, “How am I supposed to get a tuxedo somewhere?”. When a gala or prom is approaching, these are the kind of questions that run through everybody’s mind. Preparing for a gala, like the ESN gala which is coming... Continue Reading →

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