A letter to Utrecht: You had me at ‘Hello’

Thanks to the lovely PR committee and their workshop about how to promote yourself in writing, a few international students have written a blog about their experiences. And luckily for the JoCo, they were willing to share their blogs with us, so that you can also enjoy the end result of their hard work. Today the first guest writers’ blog, an open letter to Utrecht by Noene Kazarjan. Enjoy! 


Dear Utrecht, I met you two years ago, at a moment in my life that was full of doubts and what if’s. My thinking pattern is not the only thing that is arithmetic; I am also not very handy in finding locations. Two years ago, I was ready to get out of the bus, but I could not find the ‘door open’ button and it just passed my bus stop. That day I missed the opportunity to go to the University of Utrecht and two months later I chose to drop out of the registration. After a short, however intense, period of considerations I chose a different school, a different study, but I still chose you. That same day we went out for dinner at a restaurant that happened to be my favourite place months later for a long time.

You are neither too small nor too big – I fit in your arms. You let me grow; you have been my meeting place for so many beautiful things in the last year. I said goodbye to so many dreams and goals; because there was so much more to aim at.

Besides that, I met so many wonderful souls; my colleagues at the big cold store became my friends, my classmates became family and I met so many inspiring people and I chose to be surrounded by all of you every single day. Your restaurants became my kitchen, your bars my dance room and your citizens my inspiration.

Sometimes we, as human beings surrounded by love in a safe area, do not realise the pure and special aspects of life. You made me realise that we get the opportunity to chose every single day again. We are the lucky ones in an unfair world. A world ‘that is not behaving according equality and justice.’

You whisper in my ear go and kick ass. Or do not. It is my choice. And you know that sometimes my bed is too safe, too comfy and too warm; the cold world seems so unreachable; my goals feel so unachievable. However, you make me wake up seven days a week, to live up to my agenda in which both responsibilities and inspiration and love are covered.

‘Do not become a slave to society’ is what people scream nowadays. Be your own slave. Work for your dreams, stick to your principles, but do never ever forget to help people out when you have the possibility to do so.

However, you also showed me what I left behind – in a healthy way. And now I know what coming home in a cold house feels like, I cherish that I do not have to eat alone on a Saturday and I do not have to dance alone on a Monday night.

When I turn my head – I see the world coming at me. The lines around that little shot of the world are shaped by the windows of the train.  
You are home and I am home. For now.

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