Online shopping in the Netherlands

Don’t even try denying because we know everybody does it. Men and women of all ages have embraced the gift, or burden, of online shopping. Whether you do it during college hours, when you are bored on the train or when you’ve had a really bad day, everyone sometimes enjoys a little shopping spree without having to get off their butts. Even the guys, we know it! But what are the nicest places to do your online shopping in the Netherlands, which companies have cheap delivery costs, and most importantly, what kinds of cool stuff can you buy online? Here is a quick overview of five of the JoCo’s preferred online shops:

This web shop started out as an online bookshop, but has since become way more than that. offers a great range of products like books, kitchen equipment, sports gear, garden sets; you name it, they got it! This wide array of products is also biggest feature, since you can basically buy everything you need in one shop only. This saves you time looking for shops all over the internet, and they also regularly have nice discounts.

stroopwafels_01This web shop is the online version of one of the Netherland’s most famous warehouses. Founded in Amsterdam in 1926, HEMA has been famous ever since for it’s good quality products with a decent price. HEMA basically sells everything, from stockings to alcohol, from cheese to bed linen. And don’t forget, they also sell stroopwafels in iconic Delfts Blauw packaging, so this is definitely a go-to if you are in need of some cute souvenirs!

It might not be a Dutch shop originally, but after Zalandshop-1298480_960_720o started in the Netherlands in 2010, it soon became one of our favourite shopping websites. It started off with shoes and is now the biggest online shoe seller in Europe, but Zalando offers way more than just shoes! It sells clothing from different brands, sports outfits, bags and accessories, for both men and women. The thing we love most about it is that they have a free delivery service, and even offer free pickup service from your home if you want to return your package!

In the list of shops gone online we can add this Dutch favourite: Mediamarkt. A well known shop for all your electronic devices: their online shop offers you all the goodies you could wish for, like cameras, televisions, games and smartphones, and also assures super quick delivery. If you order before 22:00, they deliver the next day, and do it for free as well! With that much service, why would you ever even leave the house anymore?

This website is one of those that you would rather keep luggage-1149289_960_720a secret, because it is almost too good to be true! Travelbird offers trips and hotel stays for incredibly low prices. So if you fancy a nice hotel on one of the Wadden islands, a round trip in the south of Italy or a weekend away to London, this is the webshop for you. Just make sure to be quick if you see an offer you like, they tend to sell out faster than you think!

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    It’s hassle free to me and flexible almost. There are various shopping websites in the online market. is the most preferable to me as I trust this website most.
    Really this is an awesome website as I believe.


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