On tour in Utrecht: Overvecht

Another one of the series is up, and this week it revolves around Overvecht! Overvecht is located in Utrecht North and you get there by biking about ten minutes next to the Oudegracht until you reach Overvecht Train Station.


Overvecht is known for its large variety of cultures and collection of people. Ages all live together; young families; elderly couples; starters; students; you name it! This makes for a lively neighbourhood where people from a large variety of cultures and ages interact.


Historically, Utrecht Overvecht is a very young neighbourhood. Built in the 1970s it was a beacon for modernity and people from all-over Utrecht moved there as it was spacious with many large parks and a beautiful small lake. Throughout the years Overvecht deteriorated as people moved continuously in and out which decreased neighbourhood friendliness. These days, however,  it is donned with many utilities, parks, playgrounds and the people around are incredibly nice and friendly.

What to do & what to see

Overvecht definitely deserves a visit if you want to discover how the ‘regular’ Utrechter lives as it is one of the five most populous neighbourhoods in the city. It houses a spacious shopping centre (Winkelcentrum Overvecht) with a large variety of stores and some restaurants while the nature of the parks is just around its corner. Take your time to stroll around near the watertower which is mirrored in the clear water and where beautiful weeping willows are dotted next to the watersides. Little ducks are playing in the water and sometimes you see an occasional swan floating by.

Going beyond the city

If you are on your way to nature; Overvecht is also the place to be. Behind the Gageldijk are the Dutch ‘polders’ (wetlands) which gives for a very nice walking, biking and horse-riding environment. In the wetlands there is a large variety of birds which is incredibly nice to see some nature on only a 10 minute ride from the city centre. Especially beautiful is the landscape on early wintermornings where the crisp air and frozen ponds make for an enjoyable walk. There is a swimming pool; you can find the landscape dotted with WW II bunkers, windmills and old forts to visit. (Fort Blauwkapelle). Furthermore, the cutest village ever (Blauwkapelle) is directly bordering Overvecht and deserves visit.

So if you are in for some multicultural food, people and beautiful landscapes (all seasons round!) then make sure to not skip Overvecht during your time in Utrecht!

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