Top 10 Christmas gifts from the Netherlands

Christmas is approaching and a lot of internationals are returning home for the holidays. If you’re one of them, you might be wondering what to give your family and friends for Christmas. If you’ve fallen in love with the Netherlands as much as I have, here are 10 perfect present ideas for you:

1. Cheese – These delicious dairy goods are one of the most famous exports of the Netherlands and rightly so! They come in all shapes, sizes and tastes – give a go to Old Amsterdam cheese, Maaslander and Gouda! You can even buy cute accessories like fondue sets or themed cheese slicers.

2. Stroopwafels – Another typical Dutch treat that most locals and internationals love. If you want to share the taste of sugary goodness with your loved ones to complement their morning coffee, this is your go-to gift!

3. Drops/licorice – Licorice is as big a divide for internationals in the Netherlands as Marmite for visitors to Australia. Whether you love it or hate it, it will make an amazing present – either as a prank or as a genuinely nice gesture.

4. Beer specialties – Even if Belgians outperform the Dutchies on this one, you have to admit that their special beers are delicious! A taste of Heineken from its country of origin is a unique gift. If you have a way to bring a bottle or two of Grolsch, Amstel or Bavaria back home, guaranteed that your friends will appreciate the effort!

5. Clogs and tulip bulbs – These might sound outdated and cliché, but if you have an antiquity-lover or someone with a green thumb in your family or among your friends, the typical Dutch wooden clogs or tulip bulbs will make their Christmas!

6. Typical patterned Delftware pottery – The Netherlands is famous for the unique blue-coloured pottery originally from Delft, a precious town near The Hague. The lovely patterns appear on a wide range of products from cheese plates to even Christmas decorations!

7. Anything Miffy-related – If you have a little one in the family, look no further for the ideal gift. Miffy, the bunny is incredibly popular in the Netherlands and is so sweet! You’ll definitely find a cute onesie or a cuddly toy that will melt your heart.

8. Waterproof clothing – Even if this is not a typical present-idea, you might want to consider bringing home some waterproof clothing. The Dutchies have vast experience in putting up with lousy weather – and protecting themselves against it. A variety of raincoats, rain boots and other items might make the lives of someone back home easier.

9. Bike equipment – Again, I have to point out the Dutch expertise in anything related to cycling. If you have a bike-freak in your surrounding at home, they will most likely appreciate a thoughtful gift that suits their passion.

10. Pocket dictionary – Last, but not least, a pocket dictionary between your native language and Dutch is a great gift, even if the person to whom you will give it is not obsessed with learning Dutch. Because let’s face it; who wouldn’t want to come to the Netherlands?

I hope this list made your Christmas shopping much easier. A few typical Dutch presents can be bought only in specialty shops, but check out HEMA where you’ll be able to find most of the things. Do you have anything in mind that would be an ideal present from the Netherlands? Share your ideas with us!

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  1. Dear ESN, Nice blog! To add it to the above, I would recommend to check out the handmade products of V@AMSTERDAM. It is social enterprise and they are in the top5 of Amsterdam Gifts recommended by IAMsterdam. 🙂


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