Movienight in The Netherlands

What’s the best way to spend those rainy Dutch afternoons? Staying in with lots and lots of good movies (and hot chocolate) of course. Since you’ve been living in Utrecht for a while now, it is time to learn some more about the Dutch language and culture. I’m sure you’ve learned a few sentences already, but to really improve your Dutch skills I recommend watching Dutch movies with English subs. This is truly the best way to learn any language, and lucky you, Dutch movies are great! I’ve selected a few of my favorite ones that are available with English subs, enjoy!


An ESN special: the Party Committee

Last Tuesday it was time for yet another ESN International Night at Club Poema. And not just any international night; it was the last chance to celebrate our favorite autumn holiday during the Halloween Special. So the Party Committee took over Poema again, this time in their scariest masks and costumes. We thought it was time to have a little interview with the president of the PaCo, Lamia Soussi.

Top 10 tips to help you ease exam-stress

If you take studying at least a little seriously, these past weeks haven’t been the most fun for you. Whether you’re a born planner or leave everything to the last minute, exam-related anxiety has found you and made you lose sleep/your temper/your mind. Hopefully, the following tips will be helpful for the final push before... Continue Reading →

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