The Sinterklaas snacks you really need to know

You might have noticed that a Santa Claus lookalike entered our beautiful Utrecht last week. As you might already know from this article, it’s our own Sinterklaas! He brings us present at the 5th of December. Furthermore, if you leave your shoe in front of the fireplace and sing a nice song for him, you will find a present in your shoe the next day. How great! But the best thing that comes with Sinterklaas is all the special food.


Sinterklaas food is only in stores during the months around Sinterklaas, so not the whole year. That’s what makes them so special. The most famous Sinterklaas food is ‘pepernoten’, you probably will have tried them already. If you haven’t eaten them in 8 months, they will taste so good! And during  Sinterklaas you ate so much of them that you are OK with the pepernoten disappearing.

So to have the best Sinterklaas experience, you need to be up to date about all these typical Dutch Sinterklaas snacks.

These delicious, small, crispy ‘cookies’ taste a little bit like spiced biscuits. It’s a mix of flour, butter, spices and milk. We also have special editions like the chocolate pepernoten or even better: truffle pepernoten.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

A beautiful mix of pepernoten and candy! This is the real Sinterklaas deal. If you are a kid, this is what you get from Sinterklaas and his ‘Pieten’ (the assistants of Sinterklaas). It’s the tradition that the Pieten scatter this around. But it’s of course not so hygienic to eat from the ground. So these days it’s normal that the Pieten just give you a hand of ‘strooigoed’. Yummy!


If you translate this, the name is thoughtough. It literally is though, like the opposite of a crisp cookie. And again it tastes a little bit like spiced biscuits. You hate it or you love it.


Chocolade letter
This one is really understandable: a letter of chocolate! So simple and so good. Of course the letter of your own first name tastes the best.


A pastry made of puff pastry and almond paste. It tastes best if you get this pastry fresh out of the oven with a little bit of icing and almond flakes. Check a bakery if you want to try this!


If you put this in your mouth, it feels like really soft sugar is melting on your tongue. This feeling is true, because this goody is made out of sugar, whipped cream and water.


So this was it for now! I hope you got inspired to try some typical Sinterklaas candy. If you are interested in English recipes to make these goodies yourself, let us know in a comment! Some of them are really easy to make. Oh and the last tip, to flush away all this candy you really need chocolate milk! And a glass of water. But the chocolate milk is also part of our tradition.

If you are on a diet, there is also a traditional kind of fruit that we eat with Sinterklaas and that’s the tangerine. Enjoy!


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