Power up with a good workout

After all your hard work preparing your exams, or simply to free your mind from worries and stress, you can do a number of things to relax. You could go to the movies (check out our overview of  movie theaters in Utrecht), go sit with a friend in one of the nice cafés in Utrecht (check the Abroad magazine again to see which ones we recommend, also for studying), or you can go to the gym. Yes, the gym! Grab your headphones, towel, a bottle of water, and just go sweat it out. Where to go? Well, that’s what we’re here for.

The good old gym

There are a number of gyms throughout the city of Utrecht; some of them right at the heart of the city and some beyond the city center borders as well. We’re not gonna name all of them, but we will share the most interesting and relevant ones. Probably you are already familiar with Sportcentrum Olympos, and if not, chances are ESN will take you there sometime this year so we’re skipping that one for now as well.

Fit for Free
There are 4 Fit for Free locations in Utrecht. One in the city center, very close to the old windmill at Adelaarstraat, and 3 around the city center. You can find the addresses on the website. They often have special deals or offers (like no registration fee or a month or two for free) so keep an eye on the website if you feel this might be your preferred workout spot. Remember; always bring a clean towel and a padlock to put your belongings safely away. Overall it’s one of the cheapest and basic gyms in the city.

Also 4 locations throughout Utrecht for this fitness factory. You can find the locations here. This gym also has lockers and showers that are free to use. Memberships are a bit more expensive than at Fit for Free, but not by that much, and you can train at every one of the +350 clubs around Europe once you are a member at Basic-Fit.  Check out the website for more information about the advantages of a Basic-Fit membership.

Right at the heart of the city, next to Janskerkhof, TrainMore is situated in an old monumental building that used to house one of the Utrecht University Law departments. Now it’s become a great place to work out. So no more excuses! You can just roll from one of your lectures into the gym. Memberships are 35€/ month, but for every time you come to work out, you get a 1€ discount. Now that’s a motivational factor for you!

All Inn
If you live either in Lombok, Zuilen, Overvecht or Oog in Al, All Inn is the best location to go work on your muscles. This gym is located next to train station Zuilen, you can see it from the train when you come from Amsterdam. Lockers and showers are free to use, and trainers are always around to provide you with free advice or a friendly chat. That’s just a few of the perks of this gym.

De WorkOut
This is one of our ESN sponsors, so of course you already have a membership at de WorkOut Oudegracht, and all the previous suggestions were unnecessary information. But, just in case you did not check this place out yet, you don’t have any reason left not to go there Since being a sponsor obviously means you can get a nice deal out of this membership. We did mention your ESNcard gives you great benefits right ;)?

Bootcamp for the win

You don’t like the smell of sweaty… armpits and running inside seems ridiculous to you? If you want to go all out and do a full body workout in the open air, Griftpark on Wednesdays around 18.00 pm is the place to be. The park is filled with people running, squatting, doing push ups and pull ups… You name it, they’re doing it. You can decide to go with a group of friends and copy the people you see around you, or you can subscribe to a bootcamp club. Just type ‘bootcamp in Utrecht’ in google and the choice is yours!

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