5 reasons to learn Dutch

You came to Utrecht to have some good fun, maybe to study a bit and of course make lots of friends from all over the world. Lucky enough you choose to go to the Netherlands: a country where 9 out of 10 people are capable to have a conversation in English. So no need at all to learn some Dutch, right? Think twice, because we’re going to give you 5 reasons why learning the Dutch language isn’t such a bad idea after all!

Break out of your international bubble

Okay, yes we just told you that almost all Dutchies are capable of having a conversation in English. Still, the level of English of a great lot of people doesn’t go any further than ‘’Hello, nice to meet you! How are you?’’. If you want to move beyond these first few standard phrases, and also get to know other people besides students, having some knowledge of the Dutch language is a must! Learning Dutch will help you to get to know people outside of your international bubble. How about a nice chat with some of the elderly people during a SocialErasmus activity or with your Dutch neighbour?

Easily win over the hearts of Dutchies

These small Dutch conversations will easily help you win over the hearts and respect of many Dutchies. People will love the fact that you are making an effort, trying to speak out these impossible sounds we call Dutch language. Have you already tried the tongue twister de kat krabt de krullen van de trap? No? Well, we dare you to try so and we promise you it will be accompanied by lots of laughter!

Totally immerse yourself into Dutch culture

Only if you’ll learn Dutch you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself into the culture and society of the Netherlands. Logically this will give you the best ch
ance to get a full understanding of our society. You’ll be able to follow the local news, read posters on the street and understand conversations around you on the bus. Besides that, a whole world of Dutch movies, music and literature will reveal itself to you. We can already tell you’ll probably fall in love with
Jip en Janneke. Lucky you, because the chances are high that’s going to be the first Dutch literature you’ll ever read!

Get yourself an advantage over other internationals

Learning a new language shows that you’re a hard worker and someone who’s open to new things. But learning Dutch whilst you’re living in the Netherlands also gives you the advantage of speaking an extra language. Many internships and jobs will also become available to you! So move over, all the other candidates, because there you are: a citizen of the world who also speaks the local language!

Just because Dutch is beautiful language

But after all, the reason why all of you want to learn Dutch is just because it’s simply a beautiful language, isn’t it? You cannot wait to perfectly pronounce Scheveningen or ask in excellent Dutch the way to the jeugdherberg. So we would recommend, start today! Install Duolingo on your phone, run to the bookstore to get some colourful children’s books, put André Hazes on repeat and look for a Dutch language course.

Also the volunteers of ESN Utrecht are more than willing to help you puzzle your way through the Dutch language. Therefore we offer fun, but useful Dutch language classes. In the second semester at 8 March we will start with a new series of 5 classes.


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