Delicious Dutch Winter recipes

Italy? Pizza! France? Fromage! Spain? Tapas! The Netherlands? No clue, right? Even though most Dutchies really enjoy a good meal, we are not very famous for our Dutch cuisine. We mainly eat potatoes, a slice of meat and some veggies on the side. Although this is partially true, we want to introduce you to some typicalDutch recipes that we enjoy making on those cold winter days and nights!


If you want to have a Dutch breakfast, you will have to try wentelteefjes. This dish consists of slices of bread soaked in egg, milk, sugar and cinnamon, and afterwards shortly baked in a frying pan. With this recipe you won’t be throwing out your old bread anymore, since that’s perfect for making wentelteefjes! Making them takes about 25 minutes, but is totally worth it! Eat them with some fresh fruits like strawberries or banana on the side.


One of the most famous Dutch winter recipes is definitely ‘Erwtensoep’ or what we also call it: ‘Snert’. This is a delicious soup made out of split peas, carrot and onion. When the temperature hits below 0 degrees Celsius and we can finally put on our ice skates again, Dutch people start making Snert. It is a perfect meal to prepare for a large group of people, since it is quite easy to prepare and to preserve in your freezer if you have left-overs! Usually Snert is eaten together with yummy smoked pork sausage. Definitely worth trying on a cold winter day after some ice-skating the canals!


On winter nights, the perfect way to warm you up is with a plate full of ‘Boerenkool’. This dish is made of mashed potatoes and kale, and is usually served with ‘rookworst’ (sausage) on the side. There are many different ways to prepare this dish, so definitely be creative when preparing this meal. You can add pieces of bacon, use multiple types of vegetables or go crazy with some spices. Boerenkool stamppot is easily prepared in large portions, so a perfect dish if you have your Dutch friends over for dinner and you want to impress them with your cooking!

If you want to try a Dutch dessert as well, check out the Abroad magazine, which you will receive on your doormat sometime this week, or you can pick up a copy at the ESN office. We’ve included an article on tasty Dutch apple pie. Of course there are many more typical Dutch recipes available for you to try, but the three described above are a must-try for sure. Let us know if you enjoyed them!

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