Movienight in The Netherlands

What’s the best way to spend those rainy Dutch afternoons? Staying in with lots and lots of good movies (and hot chocolate) of course. Since you’ve been living in Utrecht for a while now, it is time to learn some more about the Dutch language and culture. I’m sure you’ve learned a few sentences already, but to really improve your Dutch skills I recommend watching Dutch movies with English subs. This is truly the best way to learn any language, and lucky you, Dutch movies are great! I’ve selected a few of my favorite ones that are available with English subs, enjoy!

Zwartboek (English: Blackbook)

This movie is directed by the famous film director Paul Verhoeven, who has gained international fame with the blockbuster Basic Instinct in 1992. Zwartboek is a thriller, based on true events, about a Jewish woman in the Netherlands during World War II. The main character in the movie is Rachel Stein, played by Carice van Houten, who is hiding from the Nazi’s. When her hiding place is being bombed, she tries to flee but things go terribly wrong..

Komt een vrouw bij de dokter (English: Stricken)

This is one of the most touching movies ever produced in the Netherlands. The story revolves about a man (Stijn) and a woman (Carmen) living a perfect life in Amsterdam with their young daughter. Stijn and Carmen have a very open relationship, Stijn even occasionally cheats on his wife. One day, their lives take a heavy turn when they find out that Carmen is diagnosed with cancer. This puts their relationship even more on a strain. The leading roles are performed by Barry Atsma and the Dutch pride, Carice van Houten, who you might know as the red-haired witch Melisandre in Game of Thrones. All and all, this movie has amazing actors and is definitely a must-see when living in the Netherlands!


Tonio is based on the autobiographical novel of Dutch author A.F. Th. Van der Heijden. A writers-couple’s live changes drastically when their only child, their son Tonio, is involved in a tragic car accident. Both parents struggle to deal with their emotions and sorrow about the death of their beloved son. At the Eye Institute in Amsterdam you can watch Tonio with English subtitles. The reviews are full of praise, so this movie is definitely worth going to the cinema for!

Hopefully you guys will enjoy these movies as much as we Dutchies do! Let us know if there are any other (Dutch) movies that you think should be on the list!

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