An ESN special: the Party Committee

Last Tuesday it was time for yet another ESN International Night at Club Poema. And not just any international night; it was the last chance to celebrate our favorite autumn holiday during the Halloween Special. So the Party Committee took over Poema again, this time in their scariest masks and costumes. We thought it was time to have a little interview with the president of the PaCo, Lamia Soussi.

Introducing the PaCo

The Party Committee is quite big and righteously so they need all the hands they can get during the preparations of the theme parties and the Special Tuesdays they have to organize for us, ESN’ers. The PaCo consists of 8 ladies and one lucky gentleman. No less than 6 different nationalities make this committee the most international one, with people coming from Peru, France, Tunisia, Scotland, Lithuania and of course the Netherlands.

The first semester so far

For Lamia, this is her second year as a member of the PaCo, but her first year as a president. So how is it going behind the scenes?

‘We’re still in the first phase, but everyone is into it and is really excited about the committee.  I can see that with all of our theme parties when everyone is there, doing stuff and being really excited about all the decorations’, Lamia says.

Up until now they have had to prepare 2 cantusses (one for the introduction week and one ‘normal’ cantus) and one theme party, which was the famous Oktoberfest in September. According to Lamia, her PaCo is doing great: ‘Only 2 people were from last year’s PaCo and nobody really knew how it should go, so the introduction week cantus was a bit unstructured, but it did go really well in the end, which built up to a really great cantus the second time. The theme party is always easier than a beer cantus since there is less responsibility to take, except for not drinking of course, but it is always a challenge introducing shifts to people who have never done a party where they had to take shifts. Surprisingly it went well. We collaborated with Huisfeest (a Poema initiative) so it was easy to decorate and in the end it turned out to be a great party, even a little bigger than a regular theme party would be.’

And this evening, the Halloween Special, it that a new thing? ‘Well, it is not a theme party. There were still decorations in Poema and we’re still in the Halloween mode so why not just make a special edition and make people enjoy Halloween even more. So we did it.’

Next up during this semester

We will get two more occasions where we can enjoy the PaCo activities during the upcoming two months with the next Theme Party on the 22nd of November (get your Mexican party hats ready for the Mexican Fiesta) and on the 20th of December they will send you off to your families with a bit of a hangover after the Christmas Cantus.

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