The Sinterklaas snacks you really need to know

You might have noticed that a Santa Claus lookalike entered our beautiful Utrecht last week. As you might already know from this article, it’s our own Sinterklaas! He brings us present at the 5th of December. Furthermore, if you leave your shoe in front of the fireplace and sing a nice song for him, you... Continue Reading →

Power up with a good workout

After all your hard work preparing your exams, or simply to free your mind from worries and stress, you can do a number of things to relax. You could go to the movies (check out our overview of movie theaters in Utrecht), go sit with a friend in one of the nice cafés in Utrecht (check the Abroad magazine again to see which ones we recommend, also for studying), or you can go to the gym. Yes, the gym! Grab your headphones, towel, a bottle of water, and just go sweat it out. Where to go? Well, that’s what we’re here for.

Night of Light in Domkerk

Have you ever walked through the centre on a Saturday night and seen people giving out candles and if so, do you know what that was for? Every third Saturday of the month the Night of Light is organised in Utrecht’s beautiful Dom Church. As you walk in, candle lights are twinkling, light music can... Continue Reading →

5 reasons to learn Dutch

You came to Utrecht to have some good fun, maybe to study a bit and of course make lots of friends from all over the world. Lucky enough you choose to go to the Netherlands: a country where 9 out of 10 people are capable to have a conversation in English. So no need at... Continue Reading →

On tour in Utrecht: Wittevrouwen

Which parts of Utrecht have you seen? Besides the city centre, Utrecht has numerous nice areas to visit and look around in. These are the little neighbourhoods surrounding the city centre but there are also some  further away where cheap groceries, amazing bars or that perfect ice cream are to be found. This upcoming blog... Continue Reading →

Delicious Dutch Winter recipes

Italy? Pizza! France? Fromage! Spain? Tapas! The Netherlands? No clue, right? Even though most Dutchies really enjoy a good meal, we are not very famous for our Dutch cuisine. We mainly eat potatoes, a slice of meat and some veggies on the side. Although this is partially true, we want to introduce you to some... Continue Reading →

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