Utrecht Festivals : Streekbierfestival & Le Guess Who

The ESN Utrecht JoCo is back with more Utrecht insider’s tips to see this week, after a weekend of playing zombies, vampires, Harley Quinns and Jokers. And since it’s officially Halloween tonight, why not stay in party mode and already start planning your next two weekends? Yes, two weekends, because here’s what’s happening in the upcoming 14 days in Utrecht!

Streekbierfestival – 4/5/6 November 2016

Every year Utrecht hosts the Streekbierfestival, in English the Localbeerfestival, in the cafés of the city center. It’s a golden (literally golden) opportunity to taste a wide variety of the most special local beers from in and around Utrecht. The festival lasts for three days. Talk about a hangover next week Monday morning.
This festival has free entrance, but of course you have to pay for your drinks. Carry some cash with you, just in case (watch out for pickpockets though) the cash machine is down or the café you’re visiting doesn’t have an ATM. All the participating cafés are at walking distance within the city center, which is nice if you need to get some air in between beers. They have come up with a handy solution to let you taste as many beers as possible; you get tasting glasses that are supposed to also help you avoid the hangover… Yeah right. Curious to see which brewers will be represented during the weekend? Here you can find more info about them. And here you can find the list of the 16 cafés that will be happy to serve you a cold one.

You can find more information on their website or on the Facebook page. Mind you, they are both in Dutch (which makes for good practice).

Le Guess Who? – 10/11/12/13 November 2016

After all that beer it’s time for some dancing. We’ve got just the thing for you! Le Guess Who? festival is back in town for their 10th anniversary!

What kind of music are we talking? Well, there is something for everyone. Experimental, collaborative, out-of-the-box, electronic, dance, techno… Actually it’s just 4 days of fun and joy, in every music palace that Utrecht city has available and you can choose to block the whole four days (the pass costs €125,-) or get a ticket for a day (€40,-).

Bands and artists that will perform are often here for the first time or have just started making a name for themselves in the music scene but that only means more fun, more intimate concerts, more time to really enjoy the atmosphere and the opportunity to get to know the artist and his or her sound.

In short, the month of November couldn’t have had a better start with these two events and we hope you will enjoy (at least one of) them as much as we will!


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