Almost Halloween; get your best costume!

The leaves are falling, so does the rain, the days are shorter, these are all omens of what´s coming at you this October: Halloween. With only 12 days left; it is time you should start preparing yourself mentally but also physically and be in perfect shape for this dress-up party.

Halloween in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, these festivities – imported from the US – are usually accompanied by heaps of alcohol and a bunch of clothing that was seemingly found in the back of someone’s closet. Plus, it gives an additional excuse to visit some extra parties. While the American children pay attention to doors in sweet neighbourhoods or amuse themselves with gentle pumpkin carving, you might find yourself trick and treating your way through the Utrecht nightlife begging for some liquor or a sweet kiss here and there.

Of course, your budget will be terribly low as you want to save up for the drinks which means that your costume needs to be simple but perfect. Below is a little advice from the JoCo for the dos and don’ts of a Halloween costume. And if you’re looking for that perfect party, ESN is hosting a Halloween Special in club PUMA on Tuesday 1st November, don’t forget your ESN card if you want to jump the line & get extra discount!

Easy as can get

If you find anything, anything at all that involves fake blood, black lace, fake teeth, masks or ears you are pretty much set for the night. Halloween is quite an easy concept (the experts might disagree) so there is little you can do to really mess up your outfit. Roam around in the feestwinkel ( and you should find something of your liking. Of course after a drink or ten you will probably not worry about yours or anyone’s outfit.

The murderous playing card

Halloween revolves around themes and so can your costumes. Especially Disney themes are often in liking (having seen a Snow White running around maybe?). If you have ever seen Alice in Wonderland you might guess what is coming. Get yourself a blanket, paint it with a heart, diamond, spades or clubs – the queen of hearts is not around to check up on you anyway – and top it off with blood or a fake spear. If you survive this year’s Halloween you can recycle your outfit by inverting it and be Casper the friendly ghost next year.

The Clown

Do not ever, dress up as a scary clown in a crowded bar, unless you want to have a solo-party. Experience tells us that when a small girl enters, completely unrecognizable dressed up as a scary clown carrying an axe it might give some shudders and some of your friends might leave the bar. Your author today didn’t last more than 30 minutes with that person around. So if you like solo-partying, then pick the clown!

So, there’s much to choose from but also don’t worry. Halloween is a very easy going holiday and you might find people not dressing up at all. Or if you like dressing up so much, there’s always Carnival in February where you can let out your creative self all over again but without blood or spiders that time!


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