To the movies in Utrecht city

After you’ve been running around Utrecht with your guests and you’ve visited all the churches and the nice cafés and had a look at the canals; It’s time for some relaxing. What better way is there than sitting down in a comfortable seat with a bucket of popcorn and a coke or a(nother) beer in front of a big screen?

Blockbusters and mainstream

Whatever big movie comes out, you can see it at Pathé Rembrandt at the Oudegracht, Wolff Catharijne in the mall next to the central train station or Wolff City at the Voorstraat. These three theaters host all the blockbusters, all the movies that everyone wants to see. I recently went to see the latest Bridget Jones movie at Wolff City for instance, because of a lack of free seats at Rembrandt that same evening. That is kind of a plus: if one of the cinemas is full at the time you want to see a particular movie, you can always try and see if the other one still has some seats left. Mind you; all movies will be shown with Dutch subtitles, except if they’re spoken in Dutch but hey, perfect opportunity to practice your Dutch reading skills right!

The movie box of Leidsche Rijn

It looks like a big red box with shiny lights that is trying to lure you inside. Well, please do go inside and have a look around the beautiful Cinemec in Leidsche Rijn. They don’t only show big blockbusters, but also international arthouse productions and hosts movie specials with red carpets and cast&crew. The seats are so comfortable you could sleep in them, they have actual holders for your cups and popcorn, wine is served in glasses, tea and coffee in cups and there is plenty of choice in food. And that’s not all: they don’t know the meaning of the word small, since every cinema hall is big. And I mean big. Actually there is just nothing wrong with this place. Only thing is it’s in Leidsche Rijn, but honestly, it’s worth the ride.

Perfectly charming

If you’re more in the mood for something less invasive, there are three more places you can visit in Utrecht. First there is Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt, right in the middle of the city center, where the daily agenda includes showings of the newest and award-winning (European) movies and documentaries. Next we have Springhaver, one of the oldest cafés in Utrecht that also has a movie theater where you can see arthouse movies of filmmakers from all around the world. Last but not least; Louis Hartlooper Complex. Restaurant, café, meeting place and cinema. This is a place that shows big productions as well as small ones and they also have a sneak preview, every third Monday of the month.
Utrecht is a very cultural city, which shows in the programming of the different cinemas around town. Now you know where to find them, buy yourself a ticket and go relax!

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