10 things to do with your visitors in Utrecht

Now that you’ve been in Utrecht for a while, you probably found a balance (or at least tried) between studying, socialising and sleeping. Of course, your schedule is turned upside down when your friends, family or your partner come to town to visit you. Don’t worry – we have the best tips for you on how to make their short visit unforgettable!

  1. Climb the stairs of the Dom Tower – and go under to DomUnder. This is a must-do for everyone who visit Utrecht, whether you’re a history-freak or not. You’ll not only see amazing architecture but you’ll find out loads about the city’s history too. Caution – this is a popular spot, so get your tickets online well in advance!
  2. Canoe on the canals. Even if you haven’t tried it before, canoeing is great fun and a unique way to see the city as it gives you a different point of view. Since you’ll get soaked anyway, you can even do it when it’s raining!
  3. Visit Museum Speelklok. Unlike other museums, this place is not crammed with artefacts and tons of information. Instead, you have the opportunity to discover the development of automated music players ranging from bells to organs while also learning about world history. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a guided tour and hear all the instruments play!
  4. Have a beer at Café België. Right in the heart of the city, this bar offers a selection of over 200 types of beer which several from the tap. A true gem in Utrecht – just make sure you don’t taste one too many 😉
  5. Visit the flower market at Janskershof. Every Saturday dozens of vendors gather in the centre to sell beautiful flowers in forms of plants, bouquets and bulbs. Locals regularly visit the market to buy flowers themselves but they also make the perfect present.
  6. Cycle all around downtown (and survive). If you want to show Utrecht to your visitors as a true local, rent bikes and cycle all around the city! Since the city may be more crowded with cyclists than your guests are used to, warn them in advance and take it easy.
  7. Attend De Streekmarkt at Mariaplaats. You have to be lucky to catch this event since it’s only on the first Sunday of the month but you can make it work with a little planning ahead. You can buy all sorts of goods here from pelts to home-made sausages, but the highlights are the frieten (French fries on-the-go) and the poffertjes (mini-pancakes with sugar and butter)!
  8. Visit all the churches! Utrecht is full of memorable churches such as the St. Martin’s Cathedral, Jacobikerk or the Geertekerk that you can admire regardless of your religion. My personal favourite is Sint-Willibrordkerk near the centre with its decorated interior and unusual shape.
  9. Climb up a windmill. The Dutch landscape wouldn’t be complete without windmills and Utrecht has two beautiful ones you can visit! One of them is Molen Rijn en Zon to the North of the centre (careful, it’s only open on Saturday mornings!) and the other is Molen de Ster to the West of the centre. It’s perfect for a family outing or a fun trip with friends.
  10. Picnic in Wilhelminapark. The Dutch love being outdoors so they do so whenever the weather allows for it. If you want to give your visitors a chill Dutch experience, grab some drinks, a BBQ-set, some food to grill and a blanket and off you go to Wilhelminapark, one of the most beautiful spots in Utrecht!

Hopefully you’ve found some good ideas for your next visitors. Have you done anything else that fascinated your guests? Feel free to share your experiences with us!

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