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Instagram is the new way to discover all kinds of cosy little restaurants and the most original stores in town. The pretty pictures encourage you to discover parts of town where you otherwise would never go. In Utrecht there are also several very enthusiastic Instagrammers who you definitely should follow. They provide you with a colourful image of our lovely Utrecht ánd introduce the hippest new spots in town. Time to get to know some of those awesome, and English-written, accounts 🙂

1. Great Little Place – Utrecht

The people from Great Little Place help you to discover hidden gems from cool and quirky restaurant to weird and wonderful bars. They do so accompanied by witty captions  and the most colourful pictures of Utrecht.

2. Greetings from Utrecht

Greetings from Utrecht is your local city guide. Pictures from food, street life, art and hotspots will lighten your feed. And of course also an occasional picture of the Dom tower will come along.

3. Urban Utrecht

Urban Utrecht shows you Utrecht from a different perspective. They show the hidden gems of town like graffiti walls or cosy corners which you never noticed before.

4. Ugly Utrecht

Ugly Utrecht believes Utrecht is the most beautiful city on earth. Still they choose to show their followers the unsightly parts of town. In this contrast the beauty of Utrecht comes forward and you will appreciate the pretty views even more!

5. Utrecht T Y P E

This Instagram-account celebrates the beautiful typography and lettering in Utrecht. In detailed pictures they show modern and old letters on stores, houses and walls. Get lost in the details of Utrecht!

6. Tourist in Utrecht

If you’re a keen photographer yourself, there’s a chance you will see yourself on this account. Tourist in Utrecht for a fact features pictures of tourists taking pictures in Utrecht. This makes funny pictures of people who are in deep concentration looking at the Dom Tower or the canals.

7. Waar Utrecht eet

Waar Utrecht Eet, where Utrecht eats, follows Utrechters to their favourite restaurants. The most beautiful pictures of local food are shown and of course tips where you can get this delicious food.

8. When in Utrecht

When in Utrecht is a lifestyle blog and shows the vibrant sides of town. What’s new in town and where to go this weekend? When in Utrecht knows the answers and tells them accompanied by colourful pictures.

9. De Utrechtse Internet Courant

DUIC provides you with a selection of the best news pictures from Utrecht. The marathon from last weekend or a cat saved from the canals. DUIC is there to report it!

10. Raamkatten van Utrecht

I saved the best for last, this might not be an English written account, but the pictures speak for themselves. This account features the cats of Utrecht whilst they’re happily snoozing in the windowsill. Other cats are just watching outside the window, but all cats are spotted in the windows of their homes.

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