5 Bars you should definitely NOT visit in Utrecht

Utrecht’s city centre is bubbling with a variety of restaurants, bars, cafes and other drinking dens. In some you want to be seen, sipping away on your draft beer, glasses (or bottles) of wine, or you go all fancy and order that one G&T. However, there are also those terrible places in Utrecht, without the bad you don’t notice the good right?

The bars you should avoid to visit

Here I will give you warnings about 5 bars you should avoid as your time in Utrecht will be spoilt by the drinks they serve and the interesting people there that will ruin your night with good conversations and funny stories. I mean, whoever would want a night like that?

Café Olivier

Located Achter Clarenburg 6, it is in the middle of the city centre which means that other places are just as close, so no necessity to stop by here. If you like to just drink ´a´ beer, then make sure to stay very far away from Café Olivier as they have an immense choice in all the special Dutch and Belgian (and probably even more) beers with matching glasses for each option you pick. I mean, who likes flipping through a menu filled with delicious options and a nice waiter listening to your tastes and advising you the perfect beer for the night? Furthermore, the venue is so beautifully located in an old church that it almost hurts your eyes. By also offering food and small bites, you could almost spend away your entire day.

Louis Hartlooper

If you like mainstream places, then be sure to avoid the Louis Hartlooper complex, as the complex is run over by film fanatics, culture enthusiasts and in general nice people. Situated on Ledig Erf, basically the cutest square in town Louis Hartlooper is bar with an arthouse cinema within. So only if you are into movies or into a nice evening with interesting people, I’d advise you to give it a try.

Café ´t Neutje

If you enjoy quiet places, go away from Neude! Sitting at café ´t Neutje will force you to see all the daily people doing their shoppings or students preparing for their night out coming by. Furthermore, they even serve Gin and Tonics which are oh so dangerous to your, initially expected, quiet night out. Often, evenings at ´t Neutje are a good starting point to your hedonistic adventures as they lead to even longer nights.

Lebowski Café

If you like cafés to be plain without decorations (as they should) and don’t like pub quizzes then remove yourself on the 5th of October from the Dom square. Here café Lebowski organizes an English-spoken pub quiz in their weird looking bar with English top hats as lamps and a real-life giraffe against the wall. Definitely a café that is too ´gezellig´ for your taste, especially because of the comfortable couches in front of the window.

Oude Pothuys

Ready yourself for a horrible evening with live band performances, jam sessions and all other types of live music. Even idyllically located at Oudegracht 279 which enforces the underground feeling the Oude Pothuys can serve all your desired drinks and radically change the way you look at music.



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