Get to know our typical Dutch traditions!

After at least 5 hilarious moments with international friends about some typical Dutch things I realised we are not as normal as we think we are. Dutch people are known to be relaxed and direct. And of course about the fact that we shamelessly try to save money in every situation. But besides these characterial things we have many other traditions.

Top 10 budgeting tips when you live abroad

Spending responsibly is a challenge for every student, and it is increasingly so when you live abroad in a country with different habits, stores and price levels. If this is your first time living alone, it might be even more challenging to take care of your finances. Here we have the top 10 budgeting tips... Continue Reading →

To the movies in Utrecht city

After you’ve been running around Utrecht with your guests and you’ve visited all the churches and the nice cafés and had a look at the canals; It’s time for some relaxing. What better way is there than sitting down in a comfortable seat with a bucket of popcorn and a coke or a(nother) beer in front of a big screen?

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