Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) – 19th till 23rd of October 2016

From 19th until the 23rd of October, all eyes of the international Dance world will be positioned on Amsterdam when the city transforms itself into the largest dance festival in the world, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).  Although Utrecht does have a lot to offer for you internationals, unfortunately our clubbing scene is not that big in Utrecht (except for Tivoli and our favourite, club Poema of course). But lucky you! The train will take you to Amsterdam in about 20 minutes, and there are even night trains that will bring your drunk-ass back to Utrecht in the middle of the night!

What is ADE?

ADE is a festival that’s focused around dance music, a very popular style in the Netherlands. In five days time the city hosts over 375.000 festival visitors, who visit over 450 amazing and crazy events, at over 100 different venues. This non-stop party week includes both day and night-time activities. During the day you can enjoy music conferences and workshops but of course, for us students, the party elements at night might be more interesting!

Who will perform at ADE?

The DJ’s who will perform at ADE differ from world-famous artists such as David Guetta, Don Diablo, Hardwell, AfroJack and of course the Dutch national pride: Armin van Buuren, to up-and-coming DJ’s who have not yet gotten the fame they deserve. In total over 2.000 DJ’s will be performing at ADE. Of course the ticket prices are not similar, they range between 10 euro and 60 euro, depending on the venue and the artists who are performing.

Which parties should I visit during ADE?

So now you know you definitely have to visit Amsterdam during this crazy week. But which party should you choose in this extremely large offer of incredible choices? I will provide you with a list of my top 5 favourite parties, to help you a little in deciding!

  1. Spinnin’ Sessions – Club Air Amsterdam
    Date: 19th of October 2016, 10:00 pm – 05.00 am
    Price: Pre-sale €15.- excl. fee
  2. Pablo Nouvelle, OIJ, Superpoze – Sugarfactory Amsterdam
    Date: 19th of October 2016, 07:30 pm – 11:00 pm
    Price: €12.50 excl. fee
  3. DGTL X Mosaic by Maceo – NDSM-Werf Amsterdam
    Date: 20th of October 2016, 10:00 pm – 07:00 am
    Price: Pre-sale €25.-
  4. ZeeZout ADE 2016 // Friday Special – Undercurrent Amsterdam
    Date: 21st of October 2016, 10:00 pm – 08:00 am
    Price: Pre-sale €17.50 excl. fee
  5. Awakenings ADE Closing Party – Gashouder Amsterdam
    Date: 23rd of October 2016, 06:00 pm – 06:00 am
    Price: €39.95  excl. fee

This list is just a small grasp of spectacular parties, so definitely check out ADE’s official website for more info. Try to get your tickets ASAP as they will be sold out pretty soon. Let us know which parties you think should’ve been on the list!


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