The struggle of finding yourself a place to stay

Since I’ve been forced to leave my apartment, I’m one of the hundreds other homeless students in Utrecht. The last couple of weeks I reacted to many advertisements, which passed by on the Internet, but till the moment of writing this article I didn’t find a new place yet. Maybe you feel the same inner frustration about this topic; you are clearly not the only student right now searching for a new home.

Every day spending hours scrolling down on Facebook and post some desperate words as; ‘I WANT A ROOM NOW’ in your timeline and manage accounts at 5 different websites, which like to help you searching a new room is a pain and discourage you. The moment your environment starts asking; ‘are you okay?’ you realise; this has to change! Even more when you notice you are not the only one who is searching for the perfect place. Is it realistic to think about finding your self a ‘perfect’ place? I don’t think so. And when you finally find a place on the Internet, which isn’t expensive, too small or near the centre, you might not meet all the requirements to get the room.

tumblr_nxkkaarcus1u60tx6o1_1280For instance, this article popped up in my timeline this week:

‘We are looking for a new roommate, 18-20 years old, in the beginning of his/her study, who likes to hang out with us, join date diners, barbeque sessions and watch series together. It would also be nice if you are a tidy person.’

 Nowadays, with this awful lot of students looking for a room, it’s normal to have many requirements for finding a new roomie. For some of you living on your own it’s already a new experience. But when you succeeded in finding a room and get an invitation for a viewing, you might need to know some stuff before you actually go. We, Dutchies have the strange tradition organizing a ‘hospiteeravond’. This basically means that a group of students, who are all looking for a room, meet each other at a certain moment in the house were they interested in.  At this evening they introduce themselves to their ‘future roommates’.  So, how do you successfully survive a ‘hospiteeravond’ and even get the room in the end of the evening?

These tips might help you for a successful ‘hospiteeravond’!

  1. Be yourself. Make some casual jokes if you are this kind of person.
  2. Don’t talk too much if you are nervous, most of the time people get annoyed or you look sillier then you actually are.
  3. You might score points if you bring them beer, wine or chocolate
  4. Bring something with you that characterizes you or your country
  5. Smile! Nothing better then looking at a happy face. 🙂

Good luck with finding yourself a ‘perfect place’! And remember.. People make the place  😉




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