Friday afternoon 5 o’clock: time for vrijmibo!

Thank God it’s Friday again! It’s the end of the week filled with hard work and studying, so finally time for some hard deserved free time. And what is a better way to kick off the weekend than with a vrijmibo? A vrijmi-what? Well, let me explain in this blogpost and also tell you the best spots to enjoy your vrijmibo.

Vrijmibo: the best start of your weekend

Vrijmibo is an acronym for vrijdagmiddag borrel, or in English Friday afternoon drinks. The vrijmibo is the perfect opportunity to get to know your colleagues or study buddies a bit better. Some Dutch companies even organize and provide the vrijmibo’s for their employees in order to stimulate the social cohesion of the company. So the idea is quite simple and nice: all head to bar with your friends/colleagues/study buddies Friday afternoon 5 o’clock straight! (earlier is also more than fine of course … ;))

Still looking for good location? Find the finest vrijmibo-locations in Utrecht over here.

Neude terraces

Whilst the weather is still nice its of course perfect to have your drinks outside at one of the terraces at Neude square. Enjoy the large terraces in the vibrant hearth of the city and order some bitterballen to make your vrijmibo complete!

Grand café Lebowski

Next to the Dom tower is one of the most funky cafés in Utrecht: grand café Lebowski. They define their selves as metropolitan theatrical madness. Which in practice means that you’ll be sipping your beer next to a stuffed giraffe. Lebowski is one of the most popular spots in Utrecht for vrijmibo, which is totally understandable because of the cool ambiance.

Belgian beer café Olivier

The Belgian beerolivier café Olivier is the ideal spot if you’re looking for a place closely situated to Utrecht Central Station. However, this definitely isn’t the only reason why you should go there. Next to their huge selection of beers, the café is located in an old church. This means you can cheer to the organ and read psalms out loud during drinks.

Utrecht is chock-a-block with cosy and cool cafés, so this list could go on forever. However, there’s only one way to find out what your favourite place is going to be.

So contact your friends and get out there!



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