‘Before a party in Finland we go to another country for alcohol by ferry’

Every month we will introduce a new international student to you! We will try to speak with as many people from different countries as possible. We kick this series off with the lovely Hertta. She is a 23-year-old Finnish girl from Helsinki and she will stay in Utrecht for six months to study Law.

Best experience in Utrecht

I am in love with the canals. Yesterday was one of the best days so far! I rented a boat with my colleagues from my course and we had an awesome day. We all brought some snacks, beer and wine and we just enjoyed the great view. I even got the chance to steer the boat! I like to experience the canals in as many ways as possible. I already went by kayak, a tour boat and I jumped into a canal from a bridge. And guess what, my favourite restaurant is also at the canals, it’s the pancake restaurant!

Schermafbeelding 2016-09-18 om 21.33.59.png

Biggest differences compared to my own country

Well, this country is super flat haha. In Finland you need a shower if you bike somewhere because it’s so hilly. Other big differences are that it’s more international here, people can smoke weed legally and that the houses look very different. And one thing that’s really convenient for me is the alcohol price here. Alcohol is super expensive in Finland, because of the high tax. When we have a party we go to another country to get alcohol. We take the ferry to Estonia (the trip takes  about one hour), where the price of the alcohol is at least half of the price in Finland. And there we fill up the suitcase with drinks for ourselves, our friend and everyone who asks.

The people here are also really different from us. Scandinavian people are usually not so open. People think we are shy, but we are not. Our way of expressing ourselves is just different. You really need to get to know them and then they are so loyal and friendly.

Message to Dutch people

I am very grateful that until now everyone is so welcoming. Almost everyone speaks English and no one is afraid to start a conversation with you. I also like the open and chilled attitude of the Dutch. So I would say keep it up!



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