The ESN Utrecht introduction week: The best week of your life

You have probably all heard about or noticed the fact that the ESN Utrecht introduction week took place last week. This week filled with activities, parties and more was the best possible beginning of the exchange semester for the 300 international students that took part! For those of you that were unable to join us and for those of you that might already have forgotten all the fun stuff a bit, here is the recap! Sit back, relax and get inspired by all the amazing activities the introduction committee came up with!

On Monday, it was the first day of the introduction week, and we started it calmly to gradually get in the mood. The internationals met their mentors and their mentor group at 17h at Vredenburg square and after everyone arrived they went to their mentor’s place to have diner. Meals could be fries, a couscous salad, pastas or even barbecue! After the dinner all the groups had a special schedule, which meant some groups went night canoeing, other had a ‘borrel boat’ tour in which they could enjoy some drinks and snacks while touring the canals and others got a tour from the (former)-homeless people from Utrecht Underground, in which they show you around town and talk about the lives of homeless people in Utrecht. I think it is safe to say everybody had a blast that evening, and in the end everybody gathered at Café Hofman to enjoy some drinks and chit chat with new found friends.

On Tuesday the programme 14372099_779837952157976_6417654794716703213_o
started a little later, at around 20:30, and here the internationals were split up in two different groups, to enjoy two really cool activities during the ‘party night’, namely a cantus or a pub-crawl. While the latter is probably a well-know concept, the first might need some more explanation. A cantus is a typically Dutch student activity in which people sit together at long tables, sing and carry out certain orders. When the orders are not carried out correctly one might have to come up to the stage to be punished by the seniors, and this makes for great entertainment for the others. After the activities both of the groups met up at Poema to enjoy the Erasmus evening that lasted until the early hours.



Wednesday was a quieter day again, to give the opportunity to revive a little after Tuesday’s party. On the planning was a pub quiz, playing pool, a workout activity organised by the WorkOut gym, or watching a movie at Parnassos. Some of the activities were a little more laid-back, and some a little more active like the great workshops from WorkOut, who taught us combat, body attack, body balance and spinning! No better wat to get back into shape after a long party night! And even though some people were quite hung-over, it was still very nice to have some time to actually chat, get to know each other and enjoy a lovely quiet Wednesday evening together.

On Thursday we had, sadly, already arrived on the very last evening of the introduction week. This day was the day of one of my favourite activities; the international kitchen. For the international kitchen everyone prepares a dish from their home country for about four to five people and you all come together to share all of the dishes. This international kitchen was extra special because it was organised in the Jacobi Church, which was a great location with a lot of atmosphere. It was so good tasting all of the different dishes together with more than 300 students from all over the world. If you weren’t able to join us, don’t worry, cause next week, on Tuesday the 20th ESN has organised another international kitchen, and you can sign up for it via the link on the Facebookpage! After the international kitchen there was karaoke in six different bars so that every group had a chance to show off their amazing singing skills and have some fun. The grand finale of this introduction week was the party at Tivoli, Pop-O-Matic! Entrance here is free with a student or ESN card, so make sure you go another time if you happened to have missed out this week’s party!

All in all the introduction week was great fun, we did lots of cool activities and had a chance to not only get to know Utrecht a lot better, but also all the new international students! A great thank you to the whole Introduction Committee and all the people that helped make this amazing week happen! Enlarging your capacity from 150 to 300 people is not nothing, but you guys pulled it off! And for now, I will try to catch up on some lost sleep!


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