Utrecht Festivals : Nederlands Film Festival

The city of Utrecht is one of the Netherlands’ leading cities when it comes to cultural events. A few years ago Utrecht was in the running to become Europe’s cultural capital city (sadly they came in third) and as we speak, they are on the right track to become the national cultural capital city in 2018. 6 times a year, cultural organizations in Utrecht join hands to organize cultural Sundays with different themes every time. And then there are the festivals… Almost every month there is something to do on that front; food truck festivals, dance events, theater festivals, you name it, we have it. ESN even organizes festivals from time to time, be sure to keep an eye out on the Facebook for news on that.

Festivals are mostly held during summertime. We don’t have to elaborate on that: sunny weather makes everything more enjoyable. But since we live in the Netherlands and we can’t always count on sunny weather, we stubbornly make the best out of every event we are able to put up. In order to keep you updated about what event is happening in or around Utrecht that you definitely need to check out, we’ll be keeping you informed through the blog during this semester and the next one.

Since now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business because the first festival you need to go check out is already around the corner.

You might have seen red flags hanging throughout the city center these past days. That means the Dutch Film Festival is soon to start, known as the Nederlands Film Festival or NFF. From September 21st till the 30th Utrecht will welcome famous Dutch film industry people, host talkshows, show all kinds of movies (Dutch, French, Flemish, English, otherwise foreign) in the cinemas, set up interactive sessions, organize Q&A’s with actors and red carpet events… I can’t even begin to name it all. Neude square will be the heart of the Festival and all the cinemas in town will be crowded with people either hosting or visiting the events. Rembrandt, Wolff City, Louis Hartlooper Complex, ‘t Hoogt and Tivoli Vredenburg are THE places to visit if you are a film lover or just want to experience the Dutch film scene and everything that is connected to it. A tip: be on Neude square on the 25th between 2 and 5 pm and you might even partake in the stunts that are being organised for the public.

It might be possible that movies are not your thing, or you are not that interested in experiencing the Dutch variety of the Festival de Cannes, and that is perfectly alright. In that case we’d like to say; don’t worry, be happy, and keep an eye on the blog to see when the next festival or big cultural event will make its way to Utrecht!


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