Find your ideal picnic spots in Utrecht right here!

A miracle has occurred! Although it is almost mid-September, the Dutch weather gods have not yet let us down. For Dutch standards, the weather in Utrecht has been outright amazing the last couple of weeks, which means all Utrechters take themselves, their blankets and their drinks outside! It is absolutely common for us Dutchies to prepare a meal at home, take it with you outside and enjoy it in the sun. Since all this might be new to you guys, I will provide you with a list with the absolute best picnic spots to visit. Even taking your portable barbecue will not raise that many eyebrows.

  1. Wilhelminapark
    The Wilhelminapark is an absolute go-to when living in Utrecht. It is one of the biggest parks of the city and frequently visited by students. When the temperature rises, you will see many groups of friends just chilling, drinking or eating in the park. The park is about a 10 minute bike ride for those of you who live at the Uithof, or you can take bus 8 and exit at the stops Reigerstraat or Prinks Hendriklaan.
  2. Griftpark
    The Griftpark is another famous park in Utrecht, although slightly less crowded on those sunny days than the Wilhelminapark. The park is great for sunbathing, relaxing and even offers the possibility to go skateboarding. The park is easy to reach, either by bus or by bike.
  1. Lepelenburg
    Lepelenburg is one of the prettiest parks in Utrecht, since it is located alongside what we call ‘the singels’, the canals around Utrecht’s city-centre. It is a beautiful place to visit for a nice stroll and fully enjoy Utrecht’s canals. Since Lepelenburg is located in the city-centre, many students come here to hang out and have dinner and/or drinks together. The municipality allows you to bring a ‘wegwerpbarbecue’, which is a barbecue purposed for one-time usage and which you can buy at AH, Blokker or Action.
  1. Docks of Oude Gracht
    Alongside the most famous canal of Utrecht, de Oude Gracht, you’ll be able to find landing-stages that are not used for boats to moor, but for people to chill on! You have the best view over the canal while enjoying the sun, food and drinks! The biggest one is in the city-centre, near Nijntje Pleintje (Google maps!).
  1. Muntkade
    Last – but definitely not least – comes de Muntkade. This wharf belongs to the Merwedecanal, and even offers a place to escape from the heat by taking a dip in the water! The location is a bit further from the city-centre, but offers more peace and is very clean.

Some last words of advice: enjoy the Dutch sun while you can! The weather can be very unpredictable and might change any day now. So help your fellow students cherish the last sunrays in Utrecht, and let us know if your favourite picnic spot is missing on the list!


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