Get to know Utrecht @ the ESN Introduction Day

The 10th of September is the day we’ve all been waiting for: the day that ESN will show you the lovely city of Utrecht for the first time! This is not only an exciting time for all the newbies in Utrecht but also for the Introduction Committee who set up this already legendary day. In this blogpost we won’t tell you the full programme yet, but we will give you some background information so you’ll get the best understanding of all the new experiences you’ll get this Saturday. Let’s get started!

Meeting loads of new people

One of the most important features of the Introduction Day will be meeting a lot of new people and making friends. Well, I can tell you already that the Introduction day will give you plenty of opportunities to do so! First of all you’ll be arranged in groups with 15 international students from the Hogeschool and the University. Two experienced and enthusiastic Utrecht students will guide you on your quest to get to know Utrecht. In combination with the amazing weather forecast this sounds like a recipe for a fruitful introduction day, right?

Seeing Utrecht from the water

This Saturday you’ll get a chance to see Utrecht from a beautiful and very special perspective: in a boat tour from the canals. The canals are a very unique feature of the city centre of Utrecht due to the wharfs and wharf cellars. The canals and wharfs were created in the Middle Ages, in the 12th century. This time the main flow of the river Rhine moved south, so parts of the old river bed were dug out to create the Oudegracht (Old Canal). The wharfs were added to create an inner city harbour system. In this way the busy Dutchmen could directly load and unload their cargo onto the wharfs next to the channel. Nowadays the wharfs are home to many cosy terraces, but many restaurant still use the wharfs to supply their restaurants.

Write your own history

That Utrecht is a city full of history will become clear as soon as you’ll follow the Oude  Gracht and see all the century old building and bridges. But … there’s always space for another story, so jump into this adventure and write your own history in Utrecht!

Well, I could go on and tell you much more about all the awesome activities tomorrow and the history of Utrecht but then this blog would become way too long! So all what’s left to say is have a great introduction day and let Utrecht surprise you 🙂 Hope to see you all at the party, bring your friends and represent your own country! The Journalism Committee would love to hear your stories 🙂


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