A very big welcome to you

With this first post we officially open the floor for the JoCo 2016-2017, otherwise known as the Journalism Committee! We are the committee that will help you make the most out of your exchange period by offering a number of blogs per week on all different kinds of topics ranging from upcoming events, the history of Utrecht, Dutch cuisine, our travels, places to go, guidelines for your exchange, to when to bring your umbrella with you. Every aspect of living in Utrecht as an exchange student will be covered by our lovely JoCo committee.

This upcoming year we hope to be of help for you guys, not only by providing information but also by suggesting things to do, offering insight into the Dutch culture and history and by taking you by the hand to show you what it’s like to be a real Utrechter. We want our blogs to be fun to read, informative, interesting and maybe even controversial, and we will be checking up with you guys to know if we are delivering on that front! You are more than welcome to offer your opinion on our blogs, what topics you would like us to dive into or maybe you would even be interested in being a guest writer? Anything is possible, just let us know!

We are looking forward to this year, hopefully so are you! From next week onwards we will be keeping you posted with all of our blogs, for now I wish you guys a good first (or second, or third…) week! Also, make sure to like our Facebook page to see all of our newest blogs. Hopefully you are settling in alright and wish to see you all on the introduction day on Saturday the 10th! The JoCo will be there!


Journalist greetings on behalf of the whole JoCo 2016-2017,

Sammy Shawky


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