Final party and byebye JoCo

Half of the neon paint left a mark on my pillow, the other half got lost somewhere on my face and partly in my hair. Next to my bed I see my favourite white shirt, which is totally ruined with some random texts. That wasn’t my plan at all, but I could’ve known that of course.. But anyways, it was totally worth it. On a party like this, we don’t need more than our friends, buckets filled with cocktails, neon paint and some markers to relieve one’s feelings on the back of each other’s shirts (so they are not be able to read it right away and you’ll get away with it).

For me, it wasn’t the last night in Utrecht. However, this party brought back some memories of my last night in Vienna, where I was on a Erasmus half a year. I didn’t pack anything yet, just went out for dinner with my friends and ended up in a hiphop (not really my thing) club which was meant for 16 year olds, and had the night of my life. The next day was packing in a hurry, and of course I forgot some stuff which my roommates had to send to Holland afterwards… Due to the crazy amount of stuff I wanted to bring back, my suitcase exploded and the zipper just gave up. This was the last straw that broke the camel’s back; I cried all my tears out because my Erasmus experience had come to an end.

So, I have quite an idea about how you guys are feeling, and I could write 10 pages about the Erasmus depression and how you get over it. But I decided to let you experience it yourselves, and I’m sure it will be fine.

At last, I would like to say goodbye to the JoCo, because I’m probably going to join another committee. I will miss the times that we put stamps on envelops and ate tons of candy and crisps, drank whine and waited 3 hours for a delicious Italian pasta carbonara. Good luck and you can definitely count me in as a guest writer next year!


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