Will you be writing here next year?

The end of the semester is approaching and we are preparing ourselves for the very last ESN week of the year, filled with great ‘final’ activities. Our last Abroad magazine is already on its way to you and will reach your mailboxes very soon. And now the last blogs of this academic year are being written by our dedicated writers..

Unfortunately all these ‘lasts’ also mean that we will soon have to say goodbye to not only many internationals, but also to many committee members that have worked very hard to make this once again an amazing year. I am super proud of all the hard work our committee members have done and especially of course everything our JoCo members have achieved this year. But I also can’t wait to see how this committee will evolve next year and who will be in it to bring our blog and magazine to a next level again.

And that brings us to the very important following question: Who will be our successors?!

Have you enjoyed our articles this year, and can’t you wait to write them yourself next year? Are you full of creative ideas on interesting subjects to write about? Or is editing more your thing and would you love to make our magazines look amazing every single edition? This is your chance to become a member of the most creative and fun committee of ESN Utrecht: the Journalism Committee!

The Journalism Committee is in charge of this blog and the magazine of ESN Utrecht: Abroad magazine. Together in a team with seven other passionate writers you will be posting 3-4 blog posts a week and publishing 2 Abroad magazines each semester. The subjects of the articles range from reports and promotion of ESN activities to upcoming events, tips for daytrips, festivals, interviews, Dutch traditions, practical information and much more. In short: simply anything that might be interesting for an exchange student in Utrecht to know about. From “How to ride a bike” to “How to date a Dutchie”, you can make it as crazy as you like -> in the JoCo you’ll have a lot of creative freedom!
But writing is not the only thing you can do in this committee. There are several extra positions within the committee you can apply for if you’d like to be a bit more active in the committee or ESN Utrecht overall. For example the function of president, secretary, PR coordinator or editor.

Can’t you wait to join the Journalism Committee and to become a true JoCo member -> apply now by sending your CV and motivation letter to info@esn-utrecht.nl before the 24th of June!


Ps. The Journalism Committee is of course not the only committee you can apply for. We are also looking for new members for the following committees: PR Committee, Activities Committee, Culture Committee, Pubquiz Committee, Party Committee and Integration Committee (the old Project Committee). For more information about these committees you can take a look on our website esn-utrecht.nl or the ESN Utrecht Facebook page. Applications for these committees also close at the 24th of June.

By Melodie Zöllner



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