Festival deBeschaving: a Festival Universalis

Although you would hardly believe it with all the rain from the past few days: summer is really on its way. This oasis of free time and good weather asks for days filled with music, sunshine and laughter. Therefore I would like to introduce you to festival deBeschaving. In the flowering Botanical Gardens of Utrecht University they present you a program of music, scientific experiments, theatre and food trucks. In their words: a Festival Universalis.



First things first: let’s start with the music. Festival deBeschaving can be proud to have headliners such as Jett Rebel, Dotan and SKIP&DIE. Our own Dutch rock ‘n roller Jett Rebel is inspired by music of the bygone days of the sixties and seventies. His songs are very diverse; they can be funk rocky like his hit Pineapple Morning but he can also sound harmonious like the Beach Boys. For no reason he is being called the greatest Dutch popstar, not only his songs are grotesque but especially his live shows are worth seeing. Go and see Dotan earlier in the evening if you’re into dreamy and touchy songs. His songs sound like little pieces of art which are all unique, but at the same time very catchy. SKIP&DIE is again something totally different, with their fierce full front-woman Cata.Pirata in charge they make world music on which you simply have to dance.

Science & Art

Here comes the part what makes this festival more than just a simple festival but  a so-called Festival Universalis. The festival takes place in the beautiful gardens of the Botanical Gardens in the Uithof, therefore it was bound to give a scientific touch to the festival. This expresses itself in different scientific experiments which arouse the curiosity of the festival visitors. You can for instance take part in the first scientifically study into smartphone addiction or visit a theatre lecture on science, philosophy and history. Besides this serious note there is also more than enough space to let your creativity flow freely; take part in your self-constructed festival parade or visit the best theatre shows from Café Theater Festival!

These were only my personal highlights of the festival programme. Take a look on their website for more names and acts. Hope to see you on the 2nd of July in the beautiful Botanical Gardens! (and let’s hope as well that the sun joins us that day…)

By Evelijn Hillebrand




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