UCU’s ROOTS Festival Returns for Another Year

It’s rare that a weekend passes in Utrecht without some sort of fantastical event to break up the monotony of drinking late and sleeping in even later. Usually, ESN has something to do with this, and this Saturday will be no different. This Saturday May 28 is University College Utrecht’s very own summer festival: ROOTS!

ESN is particularly excited about this year’s edition as they have arranged a delicious array of food trucks and performances on the day, and as we saw with Utrecht’s own Trek Food Truck Festival, who doesn’t love a good food truck?


So not only is lunch sorted out for the day, but there is also ample opportunity to receive your cultural fix for the month. Still haven’t made it out to that museum you’ve been meaning to for months? ROOTS’ Creativity Corner has you covered. There will be a photography exhibition, collective story making, book swap, African dance workshop, professional guest lectures, mandala colouring, shirt tie-dying, poetry analysis, life drawing, cooking workshops, and documentary screening!


As if that weren’t enough to get you out of bed and over to UCU’s campus, there is also a full program of musical performances. So expect to hear from Luka, the Booze Brothers, Outrageous, the Hazzah, Tom Veltman and UCDJ!

UCU’s campus is located on Campusplein 1, only a short ride from Wilhelminapark. Festivities kick off at 3pm and continue until 10 pm. See you there!


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