Secretly famous Dutchies

The Dutch have always been very internationally oriented; our small country is filled with ambitious people who want to make it beyond the borders. And some of these Dutchies have succeeded very well! You may have heard already of for example Queen Máxima, top model Doutzen Kroes or DJ Tiësto (yes, he is Dutch!), but what about the others? Secretly there may be many more people you know of, but not that they are Dutch. We listed some of the most interesting and possibly surprising personas for you (see also this article).

05-23-Caro Emerald
Can you guess who this is? (The answer follows later!)

Acting actors and a director

The worldwide known and renowned American series Game of Thrones has not one, but two Dutch actors in it: the Red Witch Melisandre and Daario Naharis, Daenerys’s lover. These characters are played by Carice van Houten and Michiel Huisman. If you now think, ‘Hey, that second name sounds familiar’, that’s correct: he also plays in Age of Adaline, the movie with Blake Lively that came out about a year ago. Carice van Houten has also played in movies by Paul Verhoeven, the director of for example Black Book (with Carice in the leading role) and Basic Instinct.

05-23-Michiel Huisman
(The very handsome) Michiel Huisman

Music, music, some more music

The Dutchies are doing very well for themselves in the international music scene. Think for example of the DJ’s Afrojack (Nick van de Wall), Martin Garrix (Martijn Gerrits) and Hardwell (Robin van de Corput). These guys all got international fame with their catchy and danceable mixes and produce hit after hit in collaboration with other well-known artists.

05-23-Martin Garrix 2013
Martin Garrix during a gig in 2013

In another genre we have Caro Emerald (she’s the woman in the first picture). She may be a bit less well known, but is certainly very active outside the Netherlands. She takes jazz music to a whole new level with her funky and addictive tunes. Another Dutch lady you may know is Sharon den Adel, the extremely talented singer of Within Temptation. Backed by a wall of electric guitars, her clear-cut voice surmounts the cascades of gothic music made by her bandmates and adds a pleasant contrast, resulting in energetic songs with their very own characteristic sound (also cool to listen to if you’re not gothic!).

05-23-Sharon den Adel
Sharon den Adel

The famous and their (alleged) lovers

Some Dutchies are not necessarily famous for the work they are doing, but all the more so because they are dating famous people. Until recently, one such couple was for example the actor Alex Pettyfer and the model Marloes Horst. According to the English website Daily Mail, they split up in March this year (but you never really know how trustworthy the Daily Mail is). According to another slightly dubious website, Justin Bieber is dating a girl from Brabant (yes, you read this correctly), who is the opposite of being famous for anything. Allegedly, they met in California during a tennis championship and have even already spent a night (or possibly more than one by now) cosily together.

05-23-Marloes Horst
Marloes Horst, model for (among others) Victoria’s Secret


By Tessa Vermeir


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