Top 3 favourite food festivals in the Netherlands

Cycling through Wilhelminapark while the smell of barbecue touches my nose, having dinner on my terrace (with the impressive size of 2 m2 ) while sitting in a small corner to catch the very last sunbeams, having ‘just one drink’ on one of the many terraces in the city centre resulting in a three course dinner: spring also invites me to eat. Over the last few years, food festivals are insanely popular in the Netherlands and I don’t have any objections to it. The question is, however, which ones are the best? I made a top 3 of my own favourites, eet smakelijk!

Rollende keukens festival Amsterdam (Rollin’ kitchens)

Rollende keukens is one of the first food festivals in the Netherlands and it takes place this weekend! The festival consists of 130 different food trucks and live music contributes to the great atmosphere of the festival. The food isn’t cheap, but the entrance is for free and it is allowed to bring your own drinks. Yesterday I ate oysters and escargots, but also a Surinamese Roti and a Korean burger. It actually allows you to make the weirdest combinations and choices; there are no arrogant waiters around to judge you.

Bourgondisch ’s Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch)

Since I grew up in a little town not far away from Den Bosch, with my Burgundian parents, this couldn’t be something else but my favourite. The event is meant to promote the restaurants in ‘s Hertogenbosch. You can try different little dishes from different restaurants. Think about more luxury products like coquilles st Jacques and lobster: every restaurants shows its best. The atmosphere is cosy and tasteful, just like the city Den Bosch. The festival is at the beginning of September, so the lucky internationals who stay a little bit longer are able to enjoy! For the internationals who aren’t staying: Den Bosch is a Burgundian city in general, you can find the best restaurants over here, it’s definitely worth a city trip!

Food truck festival Utrechtfoodfestival 2

And of course there is also a food festival in our own town. This festival can be found on different locations in the Netherlands, but goes along Griftpark in Utrecht this weekend! Free entrance, music, theatre and again lots of food are cheering up the normally so peaceful and quiet Griftpark. Luxury seafood for the gourmets, Angus beef burgers for the large appetite and waffles for the sweets tooth: Do I need to say more?


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