Chilling in the sunshine: Where to go?

Here comes the sun! Since Liberation Day, the weather has been more than perfect and we hope you’ve been able to enjoy it as much as we did. Forget about the crowded terraces: Utrecht is the perfect city to spend a day in the sunshine in one of its parks. There is the Wilhelminapark of course, close to University College: a beautiful park with flowers and a fountain. But: Utrecht has so much more to offer! Wonder where else you can go? Read this article for some insider tips and tricks to get the most out of your summer days. (First tip: dig up your copy of Abroad #3 and check out Teo’s article!)

View on the Harijnse plas

To the north: Julianapark and the lakes

If you take the Amsterdamsestraatweg, you’ll come across the Julianapark. It is quite big and has two ponds, making it an excellent park to spend a day in with the calming sounds of rustling water in the background. If you’re looking for a swim, there are several small lakes you can go to. We’ll give you our two favourites: the Maarseveenseplassen, all the way in the north just outside of the city, and the Harijnse plas, located more to the north-east.

Julianapark Zuilen
Fountain in Julianapark

To the east: Oog in Al and Parkwijk

A long canal (Leidseweg) runs through these two neighbourhoods, passing by fancy brick houses and – slightly less fancy but cute – house boats. Along the way, you can find a variety of spots to chill out in the sun. The two best are Park Oog in Al, which is quite a big park and even has a few lounge chairs you can use, and the Munt. The Munt is the part where the canal gets a lot wider, because it crosses with another (the Kanaalweg). When it gets really hot, you can take a refreshing dive in its waters and get dry again on the small strip of grass.

To the south: Park Transwijk and Beatrixpark

Maybe you have already been to this park on May 5th, when we celebrated Liberation Day. But also when there is no live music, this is a wonderful park to relax. Quite close by is another one that is worth visiting, again named after a royal Dutch woman: the Beatrixpark. This park also contains a fort, which is interesting to take a look at if you’re done relaxing on the grass.

05-08-Botanische tuinen
Purple flowers in the Botanische tuinen

To the west: Botanische tuinen and Kromme Rijn

We have already advised you in Abroad #3 to visit the Botanische tuinen, but it can’t hurt to repeat it here again, because these gardens are truly wonderful. If you feel like taking a pleasant walk and discovering new plants and flowers, this is definitely a good place to go. On the other side of the highway, you’ll find different parks that are all connected more or less, creating a big area of nature you can relax in.

For today, the weather forecast still looks sunny. Unfortunately, it seems like we’ve got some clouds coming our way again. We hope however to have given you some inspiration as to where you can go when the sun comes back again!

by tessa vermeir


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