Writer on Location: A Perfect Last Week

Time flies when you’re having fun! But everything comes to an end, also studying abroad. For me it seemed in the beginning that I had heaps of time and endless possibilities, but suddenly the tide turned and I’m running out of time. At the moment I’ve only got nine days left in Russia, so how... Continue Reading →


Lombok: Discover multicultural Utrecht

Opinion remains divided when it comes to the big coloured, lightning mosque on the head of Lombok, Utrecht. However, Lombok has got more to offer than this eye-catching building. I’ve been living in this neighbourhood for about 4 years already and can tell you all the (dis)advantages of this place. Leave the city centre and... Continue Reading →

Secretly famous Dutchies

The Dutch have always been very internationally oriented; our small country is filled with ambitious people who want to make it beyond the borders. And some of these Dutchies have succeeded very well! You may have heard already of for example Queen Máxima, top model Doutzen Kroes or DJ Tiësto (yes, he is Dutch!), but... Continue Reading →

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