Losing your bike in the Netherlands

When you move to another country the first step to integrate into a new culture is to get used to different habits and behaviours. When you move to the Netherlands you can’t ignore the fact that everyone has got a bike. Just like the majority of international students I also wasn’t used to this kind of flat landscape. I started to walk for hours every day while at the same time I saw everyone with a bike, so my laziness suggested me to finally get a bike.

Because bikes are that popular in this beautiful country, they are obviously much more likely to get stolen. You can use one, two or twenty lockers, you can lock it together with another bike, or around a tree or a railing. Forget it, surrender, they are going to find a way. If your bike survives for more than 5 months you are considered lucky and if nobody steals your lights, well, it’s just a miracle.

However, the question is: if your bike gets stolen, are you ready to restart walking for hours? And are you ready to get another one, perhaps from the same seller who stole yours? I definitely am. That’s why I think that the best and only possible suggestion to give to you, dear readers, is to make sure that you locked your bike in a shed and call for a taxi!

P.S. My bike just got stolen yesterday. Do you believe in Karma?

Teo Potenza


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