The exams are coming

The exams are coming and because of that ESN Utrecht wants to show unconditional support to every student. But what is the week, the day, the night before an exam like? There are many factors that contribute to your exam preparation. How much you’ve studied, first of all, but also your relationship with the professor, your psychological condition and doubts about your own preparation. The time flies, you are missing too much pages and it gets harder and harder to get rid of temptations and distractions. Naturally, every time you have an exam your friends are organizing the best party ever, the weather is getting amazing, your boyfriend/girlfriend is inviting you to watch a movie and even the white wall of your room looks way more interesting than your books. Finally, it is the night before the exam. You’ve studied every single page, you know every step of the exam and you know how to do every kind of trick. Suddenly everything you’ve learned disappears and you don’t want to talk to anyone anymore. You can’t sleep by any chance and the only way to take out the tension is to grab a beer ,pick your favorite song and get through the night. Ooops..

By the way:  We don’t think all this is going to happen to you. Good luck students!

Teo Potenza



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