The new Abroad is coming!

Can you feel the birds singing in the sky? Are you able to smell the fragrances of the blooming flowers? Did you already catch your seasonal allergic rhinitis caused by those motherf…hem, by those execrable spores of the blooms in the air? Brace yourselves, for spring is coming, and so is a new issue of the ESN Utrecht magazine, Abroad!

Yep, once more is the little brother (yeah, the Blog, you got it) to advertise its older one. The new Abroad is on its way to your address – or whichever you gave us at the office: I told you not to use your salsa class one!

We have included in the process our last new acquisitions (you can get to know them a little better here) , plus our prodigal daughter Isabeau returning from Canada, and the result is, allow me to say it in all of my partiality, amazing!

To bring more than 700 magazines in your mailboxes we started a month-long process which other than the design, layout and writing the articles, has involved a final and more obscure part: the labelling and enveloping.

It is in this final stage that we JoCos meet in our secret hideout and here is where the magic happens! With the help of our domestic elves we carefully stick to every envelope your addresses and make sure that everyone receives its copy. But not only! For a very elite selection of readers we also prepare some private messages or personalised copies of the magazines…so check out carefully your envelope when you find it!

“Some folks say there’s a little touch of fairy dust in the air!”


Still, in case some unsurmountable obstacle prevented your copy from getting into your hands, fear not. We always leave some spare ones at our office in Achter Sint Pieter and you can comfortably read one or more also of the previous editions every Thursday during our coffee hour from 3 to 4 (only in the afternoon for now, we are still working on some 3-4 am openings too). While you enjoy a nice warm tea on our sofas, you may also be hearing some of the renowned Mats’ anecdotes.

If you have any remark, you want to contribute in any way, both with critics or ideas, or even more if you want to become a socialite of the Utrecht students life and be interviewed, do not hesitate to contact us: we got cookies!




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