Let’s talk music op z’n Nederlands!

After having spent a few months in the Netherlands, you probably know some Dutch musicians by now, especially if you listen to Dutch radio every now and then. Even though most of the big names sing in English, there are some that produce amazing music in Dutch. This article will present some of those artists... Continue Reading →

Losing your bike in the Netherlands

When you move to another country the first step to integrate into a new culture is to get used to different habits and behaviours. When you move to the Netherlands you can't ignore the fact that everyone has got a bike. Just like the majority of international students I also wasn't used to this kind... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Johan Cruijff

You have probably heard the news of the passing of Johan Cruijff a few weeks ago, (one of) the biggest football player(s) the Netherlands have ever brought forth. Our Premier, Mark Rutte, said that Cruijff connected the Netherlands to the rest of the world: he was more important for our international reputation than even Rembrandt... Continue Reading →

Writer on location: Napoli

In my previous blog about how to spend the Easter Weekend, I told you about my plans: going abroad to Napoli (Naples). Did you ever hear about the saying ‘Vedi Napoli e poi muori’, or more understandable, ‘See Napoli and die’? Last weekend I visited Napoli, not to die, but to enjoy the sun and... Continue Reading →

The tunnel of colours

Spring is finally arriving in Utrecht, so what's better than going for a walk in the city centre? If you are already familiar with the beauty of the Domtoren and the canals of the Oudegracht, and you are looking for something different, the Ganzenmarkt tunnel is the place where you should go. It is also... Continue Reading →

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