Happy Easter!

Hi guys, how did you celebrate your Easter this year? Personally it was the first time that I have celebrated Easter away from home. I can’t deny that I was a little bit afraid of that. I was wondering how much I would miss the huge chocolate eggs that my grandpa bought for me every year, the endless lunch with all my relatives that I hadn’t seen for a long time, the picnic outside enjoying  the good weather with your childhood friends. But life goes on, you grow up and little by little you lose that feeling of joy when Easter comes. This year I had the luck to spend this important day with my new friends that I met here in Utrecht and it was unexpectedly amazing. I don’t want to bore you with religious issues as everyone has their belief and opinion and we must respect everyone, but it would be very nice that everyone took Easter as a good opportunity to give peace a chance, share different cultures and traditions  with your friends and  be nice with unknown people. Friends are the family we choose and, even though there wasn’t the chocolate egg I felt this feeling to stay together.Let’s use Easter to chase happiness. Sometimes that’s all about it.

Happy Easter from the ESN Utrecht Blog Staff

Teo Potenza



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