How to celebrate the Easter weekend in your own, original way?

It’s Easter Sunday, you’re in bed sleeping peacefully when suddenly you’re mum is knocking at your door: time for Easter breakfast!!! It’s 8 in the morning and you have to stay up just for breakfast? No way! Unfortunately, you’re mum is not going to leave you alone. And there you are, with a hangover at the breakfast table, looking at some painted eggs and croissants… Well, ok, the be honest, I kind of like these traditions, just because it has always been this way. However, this year I’m going to Italy for the Easter weekend and I’m very excited about that too. This made me think of the internationals in Utrecht who are not going to their parents. Time to make plans and to look beyond the breakfast table!

Traditional Easter breakfast


Paaspop is the official opening of the festival season as one of the biggest Dutch (but internationally known and visited) Easter events. ’As if you’re in a rollercoaster, totally shaken up, with butterflies in your stomach and all your senses at a high pitch. At paaspop, this feeling  isn’t there for just one minute, but for three whole days’ reads the description on the website. Paaspop is built in a Las Vegas- like movie setting, with impressive scenery and thousands of lights. The program consists of some new upcoming talents combined with famous acts in theatre, literature, stand-up comedians and music (both mainstream and underground).  Tickets are still available and you can find more information on the website:




As an ESN member, I assume you’re into travelling. And what Drilandenpuntis better than spontaneously go abroad? Or what about going abroad to three countries at the same time? When asking a Dutch granny in what countries she has been, she would probably answer: three, to the ‘Drielandenpunt’. The ‘Drielandenpunt’ in Vaals is, of course, the point where three countries come together in one point. With only three steps walking, you’ll already have been to three countries! That sounds like every child’s (and secretly also grown-up’s) dream. However, three countries coming together isn’t the only special fact when talking about the drielandenpunt. The Drielandenpunt is on top of the ‘Vaalserberg’, which means this is the highest point in the Netherlands with its enormous 322,7 metres. So people from the alps or Himalayan region: eat your heart out!

Other tips

If you think of celebrating Easter in a smaller way, you could also organize a (champagne) breakfast with all of your international friends, or just watch a movie while you’re eating thousands and thousands of Easter eggs. Last important tip: You should absolutely stay away from the IKEA or other home interior malls if you don’t want to be trampled down by aggressive housewives…


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