King’s Day parties! Where to go?

King’s Day: the 27th of April! That might seem far away, but as you’re probably already getting spammed by King’s Day party invitations on Facebook, and ticket sales already have started, I think I’m right in time to warm you up for the best day of the year!


By now you must have heard of it. It is probably the most popular Dutch holiday. We look forward to it all year and after the first sunny ‘spring-like’ day we immediately start making plans, gathering our King’s Day squat and collecting everything orange, to look absolutely ridiculous on the day itself. But who cares? Everyone looks like that. We’re one big orange, drunk, happily dancing sea of ridiculousness! And that already kind of summarizes what King’s Day is all about. There’s no big story behind it. We just get a day off to celebrate the king’s birthday, and we make it the best birthday party of the year! ☺ Sounds good right?

To give you a nice impression of what to expect, let’s start with a little video of the yearly Heineken initiative to give internationals all around the world the opportunity to celebrate King’s Day with us:


This little video already showed you some nice ways to celebrate King’s Day, but there are way more! Of course you can just go to a big city (Amsterdam and Utrecht are always fun!) where you can stroll through the streets, enjoy the day on a boat sailing through the canals, and where you’ll find flea markets and musicians on every corner of the street, but this can also be last-minute planned. For the big parties you have to plan a bit earlier, and therefore I’ll give you a little overview of 10 of the nicest King’s Day parties coming up in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

  1. Kingshouse festival (Utrecht) – One of the biggest parties in the Netherlands will be in our lovely Utrecht. It will take place on Jaarbeursplein (the square behind train station Utrecht Central) and it has a crazy lineup with some of the best DJ’s of the Netherlands! Think about Fedde le Grand, Martin Solveig and Sander van Doorn.
  1. Kingsland festival 2016 – This is a big festival that takes place in three different places in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Groningen and Den Bosch. In Amsterdam you’ll be able to enjoy yet another amazing line-up with headliners like Don Diablo, Martin Garrix and Sunnery James ft Ryan Marciano.
  1. Kroongetuige – This year one of Amsterdam’s favorite festivals: Kingday Open Air, won’t go through, but it has a nice replacer: Kroongetuige. It will be organized by Goldfish and Vunzige Deuntjes on a completely new festival location with two stages and place for 10000 visitors. So if you’re an R&B or Hiphop fan, this is definitely a festival to think about!
  1. Kingsday presents Bakermat – After a sold out world tour Bakermat returns to Amsterdam to throw a big King’s Day party at Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Of course he will perform himself, but he’ll bring some great DJ friends along.
  1. Thuishaven – This big night and day festival will take place in Amsterdam from noon till 4am. Thuishaven is already a very popular house and techno festival in the Netherlands and for King’s Day it will bring many international DJ’s to the Netherlands to throw a big party.
  1. Nassau Festival – For this festival four big festival names: STRAF_WERK, REAKTOR, THUMP and De Sluwe Vos, will collaborate to organize an amazing deep-house festival on the Olympic terrain in Amsterdam.
  1. Oranjefeest – This is probably the most Dutch King’s Day festival of the year. Radio channel 100% NL will organize it and invite some of the most famous Dutch artists, to make it a true Dutch party with 100% Dutch songs.
  1. Loveland van Oranje – Another big techno and house music festival, with three different stages and a good line-up featuring some international artists, which will take place in a nice park; Meerpark, in Amsterdam.
  1. Voltt Vrijhaven – NDSM – If you’re searching for a real all-round festival, you should definitely keep this one in mind! On a wharf terrain in Amsterdam you’ll be able to find small parties for every age and entrance for almost all those parties is free. Only for the Voltt & Lockdown techno party you’ll have to buy a ticket.
  1. Kingsday Party Boat – Last but definitely not least, you can also go for something completely different and have an amazing time on King’s Day Party Boats! They will navigate you through the Amsterdam canals, while you can dance, chill out and enjoy shows and surprise acts prepared specifically for this festival onboard.

Please note that there are hundreds of great parties all over the Netherlands, so this is just a nice selection of big festivals around Amsterdam and Utrecht. Not to forget all the King’s Night parties the night before Kingsday. Also in Utrecht you can party hard in TivoliVredenburg and Winkel van Sinkel that night!

I hope I’ve given you some nice party Ideas. Now, start planning and have an amazing King’s Day!

By Melodie Zöllner



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