Interview to Yola Chue, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong

This is Yola Chue, 20 years old Politics exchange student from “The Chinese University” of Hong Kong and special guest of the ESN Blog semester’s first interview. She has been so kind to release us this interview and we are really glad to discover through her words something new about Hong Kong and everything that surrounds it, as every day curiosity brings ESN to enjoy the multicultural environment of our lovely Utrecht:

1- Why did you choose the Netherlands and in particular Utrecht ?

I had been to the Netherlands before as a kid and had a really good memory of it. I would say it is this nice impression that draws me back to the Netherlands again! Talking about Utrecht, I was determined to choose this place right at the instant I googled it; the canals and tranquility of Utrecht simply captivated me.

2- What is the thing you miss the most and the one you miss the less about Hong Kong?

What I miss the most about Hong Kong is its food, such as the egg waffle which is a common street food in Hong Kong, as well as the diverse range of exotic cuisine from all over the world. On the other hand, I miss the busy and crowded streets in Hong Kong less for I do enjoy a less intense pace of life here in the Netherlands.

3- Tell me something that in your opinion makes the Netherlands and Hong kong similar and something else that makes them different

Hong Kong is a rather tiny place which is similar to the Netherlands in a sense that both of them have relatively small land area. Yet Hong Kong is a much more hilly place than the flat Netherlands thus it may be a little bit tougher to ride a bike so often there (although you can also find flat lands in Hong Kong).

4- What do you think about the blonde, tall and blue eyed Dutch guys comparing them with Hong Kong guys?

The height of the Dutch guys is probably what strikes me most. In Hong Kong it is rare that I have to physically look up to someone when I talk, but in the Netherlands I am doing that a lot, which is also an interesting thing for me.

5- What do you think about the Dutch university system? Was it easy to get used on it?

In my view studying in the Netherlands requires much self-initiatives in learning. At the same time the classes are also very interactive and engaging. Nevertheless, I feel pretty comfortable to study in here, probably due to the fact that I used to have much interactive discussion for my study in Hong Kong as well.

6- How did you know about the ESN world? Is it somehow helping you to get inside the international environment of the city?

I learnt about the ESN through information from the Utrecht University. I do appreciate all the activities the board held for us, the international students. Personally I have participated in the Introduction Day and Dutch courses and I enjoy them a lot!

7- Tell us a typical nice Hong Kong proverb and say bye to all the ESN blog followers 🙂

Wish everyone ’Siu hao seung hoi,’ which blesses one happiness and laughter always. Its nice to share with all of you and see you!


By Teo Potenza


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